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Paying for College

Obtaining Financial Aid Refund

Bitterroot College students obtain their financial aid refunds electronically via the UM Refund Choice Card.

The UM Refund Choice Card process for new students:

  1. After finalizing your registration bill, you will receive a bright green envelope in the mail which contains your UM Refund Choice Card.
  2. This card is your "key" to making your refund choice

You MUST make a refund choice in order to receive your financial aid refund

Refund Choices

  1. OneAccount Easy Refund (refund amount is credited to your UM Refund Choice Card; UM Refund Choice Card acts as a debit card)
  2. ACH (direct deposit) to your personal bank account

To make your refund choice, visit and enter the 10 digit number on the front of your UM Refund Choice Card

The UM Refund Choice Card process for returning students:

  1. Nothing is required if you wish to retain your refund choice from the prior semester
  2. If you wish to change your refund choice from the prior semester, log on to your UM Refund Choice Card Account and follow the instructions for changing your refund choice

Download printable obtaining refund instructions (also includes instructions for accepting financial aid award, registering for classes, and paying registration bill)

For more information on obtaining your finanacial aid refund, visit UM Business Services
or call UM Refund Choice Card Customer Service at (866) 751-7731.