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Crown of the Continent
with Rick Graetz

6:30-8 PM, Wed, Feb 6, 2013

Hamilton High School PAC

$5 regular OR
$3 students & seniors

Purchase tickets at door
OR in advance by calling

Rising in northwest Montana, southern Alberta and British Columbia, a swath of elevated geography is cast on a colossal scale - immense, vast and dramatic. Here nature mustered many of her greatest powers to create a glorious masterpiece. Mountain building not only thrust rocks skyward, but also pushed them eastward over the prairie grass. Eventually, massive forces of ice created valley and alpine glaciers, which when set in motion shaped an uncommon landscape that now stands with the best mountain majesty on earth!

On Wednesday, February 6 from 6-8:30PM Rick Graetz, University of Montana Geography professor and Co-Director of the University’s Crown of the Continent Initiative, will present a lecture and photo program showing off this magnificent piece of geography - the Crown of the Continent

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