Electronic & Paper Communications

Electronic Communications


When creating UM web pages, it’s necessary to use the logos as specified in these guidelines. If you need authorized logos, email universitymarketing@umontana.edu.

For style questions, refer to the UM Style Guide at http://www.umt.edu/urelations/info/style/default.aspx.

Standard Website Header and Footer

All content covered within the scope of the UM Web Policy is required to include the most current standard header and footer. No modifications will be allowed.

Email signatures

Email signatures across campus should be consistent. There should be no colors, logos or graphics in email signatures.

PowerPoint template

Download UM's official PowerPoint template here.

Paper Communications

Letterhead, envelopes and business cards are printed on white paper with maroon and black ink and can be purchased through Printing & Graphic Services.

Download the UM letterhead template here.

UM's official Word document templates are available in maroon or white. The maroon template should be used for all official UM policies and documents. The white template may be used for intradepartmental or other unofficial documents. The white template also may be used for draft versions of official UM documents, for easier printing.