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Alcohol Use Application: University Personnel
 » For use by University Employees and Student Organizations for the purchase or service of alcohol.
Alcohol Use Application: Public Entities
 » For use by public or outside organizations wishing to rent university space for a private event.
Approval Queue Setup
 » Apply to approve your department's BANNER Finance Invoices, Purchase Orders, Requisitions.
Cash Paid Out Request Form
 » Requests for cash when processing a check is not appropriate.
Cash Exchange Sheet
 » When doing cash exchanges departments need to fill out a Cash Exchange Sheet for amounts over $50.
Change Fund Request
 » Establish a departmental change fund.
Check Request Form
 » Use only for Royalty or Refund Payments. See Non-PO Payment Guidelines for additional information
Confidential Student Financial Records Release
 » Authorization to release Student Financial Information.
Contracted Services < $5,000 (Use Contracted Services Under $5000 Form in GrizMart)
 » Contract with independent contractors. (Not to exceed $5,000)
Contracted Services >$5,000 (Use Contracted Services Over $5000 Form in GrizMart)
 » Contract with independent contractors for purchases exceeding $5,000)
Cost Transfer Request Form - Grant
 » Move expense from one accounting entity to another.
Costco Receipt Record
 » Submit Costco Charge Card Receipts to Business Services.
Custodial Verification
 » State Petty/Cash & Change Fund holders verification.
Deferred Payment Plan & Promissory Note
 » Set up a deferred payment plan for UM student fees.
Department Form Templates
 » Journal Vouchers and Wire Transfer Form templates for department use only.
Direct Deposit Application for Accounts Payable
 » Apply for Direct Deposit and Authorization for Accounts Payable.
Direct Deposit 1199A form for Savings Account Certification
 » Submit State of Montana Financial Institution Certification for Direct Deposits to Savings Accounts.
Entertainment Approval Form
 » Obtain approval for entertainment
Group Travel Notification
 » List individuals and designate Prime Traveler for group travel.
Hospitality Alcohol Approval Form
 » Obtain approval to provide alcohol
Human Subjects Payment Form
 » Request Human Subjects (also referred to as research subjects, or subjects)
Independent Contractor Checklist
 » Determine whether an individual or business qualifies as an independent contractor.
Index Code Request Form
 » Set up a New Index Code (full instruction is available in the following document).
Index Code Policy/Procedure
 » Overview and procedures for establishing a new index.
Invoice Removal Request
 » Request an invoice removal from the Banner Finance System.
Journal Voucher
 » Move funds from one accounting entity to another.
Journal Voucher (Excel Format)
 » Move funds from one accounting entity to another.
Journal Voucher Removal Request
 » Request the removal of a journal voucher from the Banner Finance System.
Late Registration Fee Waiver
 » Waives the fee due to institutional error, public service commitments or unusual circumstances.
Limited Solicitation (Use Non-Catalog Products $5-25K Form in GrizMart)
 » Justify purchasing from a short-list of vendors.
Meeting Conference Job Candidate Form
 » Form to reimburse job candidates
New Account Budget (Designated & Auxiliary)
 » Provide budget info for a New Index Code request. (Combine with Index Code Setup Request).
Non-Employee Expense Reimbursement
 » Not Valid in Excess of $5000.
Office Equipment Maintenance Request Form (Use Photocopier Maintenance Request Form in GrizMart)
 » Renew or cancel photocopier maintenance; due by May 15th each year
Participant Support Cost Payment Form
 » Payment to individuals (cash, housing, travel/meal allowances, other) who take part in a University-sponsored activity.
Payroll Redistribution Form - Non-Grant
 » Redistribute payroll costs from one Non-Grant index code(s) to another Non-Grant index code(s)
Petty Cash Charge Summary
 » Submit petty cash vouchers/associated receipts to replenish departmental petty cash.
Petty Cash Fund
 » Request to establish a departmental petty cash fund.
Petty Cash Voucher
 » Submit petty cash voucher with associated receipt for reimbursement.
Photo Copier Removal
 » Use this form to record the final meter read, who removed the machine, where the machine will be moved to, etc.
Procard Recurring Charge
 » Use this form to authorize recurring procard charges.
Procard Request
 » Obtain a UM Procard including cardholder manual.
Procard: Split Payment Request
 » This form allows proper authorization for people to purchase for another department using the Procard.
 » For Procurement related forms, click here
Products/Equipment over $25,000 (Use Non-Catalog Products over $25K Form in GrizMart)
 » Use this form to request products or equipment over $25,000.
 » Fulfill legal requirement to properly document purchase of radioactive materials.
Relocation Authorization Form
 » Secure Dean/Director authorization for relocation expenses
Relocation Expense Tax Form
 » Submit this form with original itemized receipts when your relocation is complete
Report Development & Analysis Requests (RDA)
 » Initiate creation or adaptation of a report or database for each of the areas of Business Services.
Sole Source Justification Use the appropriate form in GrizMart
 » Justify purchasing specified item(s) from a specific vendor.
Sole Brand Justification Use the appropriate form in GrizMart
 » Justify purchasing a specified brand of product(s).
Stipend Request Form
 » Stipend refer to payment(s) issued to UM students by the University to cover living expenses and is not tied to any service or employment.
Surplus Declaration Form
 » Property asset management form that enables departments to declare surplus inventory.
Third Party Contract
 » Contract for Third Party Tuition Payments
Travel Reimbursement for Actual Lodging Costs
 »  Request reimbursement for actual lodging costs.
Travel Request & Authorization / Travel Expense Report (RATTER)
 » Request travel authorization, including trip information, includes Travel Expense Report Worksheet
Vendor Request Form (Not required for GrizMart. Please attach a UM Substitute W-9 for new vendor in GrizMart)
 » Request to add a new vendor or change an existing one.
Vendor Request Form Instruction
 » Guidelines for filling out the Vendor Request Form.
W9 - UM Substitute W-9
 » Request for taxpayer ID & instruction.
Wire Transfer Request
 » Request for wire transfer.