ORSP Forms

Additional Information Request (AIR) Form

Checklist for Proposal Approval (E-Prop)

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E-Prop provides web-based routing and approval for the University community.  It does not interface with any sponsor submission platforms. Required attachments include a budget, budget narrative, and scope of work, all of which may be in draft (close-to-final) form.

Users must have a umontana alias and a NetID and password

If you have questions using E-Prop, refer to the Help Tab within E-Prop, or contact your departmentally-assigned pre-award point-of-contact for assistance. 

Refer to the Internal Notice Required for Proposal Submission to determine how much time is required by ORSP for processing your proposal.

Additional funding?  Refer to this determination chart to see whether or not an e-prop is required. 

Cost Allowability Confirmation

Word docCost Allowability Confirmation for Federal and Federal flow-through funds 

This request is used during proposal preparation to document the appropriateness of direct charging costs that are normally considered F&A costs (general use items routinely purchased/provided by the University) on projects with federal and federal flow-through funding. See Cost Determination Guidelines.

´╗┐Cost Sharing

Cost Transfer

An ORSP Cost Transfer corrects an cost allocation error involving a grant index and moves an expenditure from one index number to another, regardless of sources of funds. Refer to ORSP Procedures.  

Excel file  Payroll

Excel file  Non-Payroll; additionally, non-payroll cost transfers may be submitted via U-Approve.

Determination of Subrecipient/Contracted Services

Export Control Review

To meet federal requirements, the Export Control Review may be used to determine the applicability of the federal export control regulations to proposed research projects.

F&A Cost Waiver Request

Word doc F&A Cost Waiver Request 

Unless the project totals $10,000 or less, requests for full or partial waiver of F&A recovery require approval by the chair/director, dean, and vice president for research via the E-Prop submission platform

Completion of this form is unnecessary if sponsor documentation limits F&A recovery.  

See more information regarding F&A and instititutional guidelines regarding requests to waive the University's F&A recovery.  

Federal Per Diem Travel Advance

The Federal Per Diem Travel Advance is used in rare occasions when PI requests an advance for non-UM employees.

Fly America Act

The Foreign Air Travel Certification Form is part of ORSP's Travel Guidelines.

NIH Assurance Compliance

OPAS (Org Prior Approval System)

Word docSubmited via U-Approve.  Use to 1) establish index prior to receipt of formal award document, 2) pre-award spending; 3) budget change, 4) add carryforward; and 5) no cost time extension.  See Award Management Tips for DRAs for more information about budget revisions and time extensions and the Expanded Authority matrix. Paper version of form is also available.

Participant Support Costs

Sponsored Programs Payment of Awards to Students

Statement of Collaboration and Inter-Institutional Agreement

Subrecipient Commitment Form

Stipend Request

´╗┐Third Party Contributions Report

University Match Funds