Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Team


To monitor University facilities, programs, policies, plans, and activities to assure the identification, prevention, and elimination of physical and/or programmatic barriers that interfere with faculty, staff, and student access to and benefit from University programs, facilities, and resources.


Royce C. Engstrom, President


Barb Seekins, Foreign Student and Scholar Services

FACULTY (Three; Three-year terms)  

Teressa Keenan, Mansfield Library (2015)

Tully Thibeau, Anthropology (2017)

Wendy Walker, Mansfield Library (2017)

STAFF (Three; Three-year term)  

Dan Bowling, Student Affairs IT

Kris Csorosz, Facilities Services (2018)

Matt Cragwick, University Center Building Services (2018)

STUDENT (Three; Two-year term)  

Courtney Damron, ADSUM (2014)

Anita Green, ASUM (2015)

Jonathan Knudson, ASUM (2016)


Administration and Finance (One; Three-year term)  

Kerry Hallin, Business Services (2016)

President (Two; Three-year term)  

Barb Seekins, Foreign Student and Scholar Services (2015)


Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs (One; Three-year term)  

Lori Morin, Skaggs School of Pharmacy (2015)

Student Affairs (One; Three-year term)  

Melissa Steinike, Residence Life (2014)


Kathe Kountz, Interim Director, Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Office

Hugh Jesse, Director, Facilities Services

Amy Capolupo, Director, Disability Services for Students

Terri Phillips, Director, Human Resource Services

Jessica Weltman, Director of Equal Opprotunity & Affirmative Action

Updated August 2015