General Education Committee



Ongoing evaluation and assessment of the appropriateness and effectiveness of the general education requirements and criteria. The subcommittee shall advocate for general education, propose revisions to the requirements and criteria, review proposals, and ensure that all general education requirements are feasible within campus, Board of Regents and legislative constraints. The subcommittee shall report directly to ASCRC.


John DeBoer, Chair of Faculty Senate

CHAIR (one-year term)

 Nadia White, Journalism (2014)

FACULTY (Ten; two-year term)   

Khaled Huthaily, Anthropology (2015)

Tobin Shearer, History (2015)

James Randall, Music (2015)

Angela Dresselhaus, Mansfield Library (2015)

Lilian Calderon, BMED (2015)

Ebo Uchimoto, Physics (2016)

Susanne Caro, Mansfield Library (2014)

Kimberly Reiser, Applied Arts & Sciences (2015)

Mark Cracolice, Chemistry (2016)

G.G. Weix, Anthropology (2017)

Bailey Durnell, ASUM

Chase Greenfield, ASUM


Nancy Hinman, Interim Associate Provost for Dynamic Learning

Nathan Lindsay, Associate Provost For Dynamic Learning

Joe Hickman, Interim Registrar


Updated October 2016