Sustainable Campus Committee



To identify and recommend to the University President specific actions and strategic plans the University community can pursue to move the University towards greater environmental sustainability in its operations, research, teaching, and service/outreach functions. To collaborate with on-campus and off-campus groups to implement these actions and plans and sustain them over time. To report to the campus community on the state of the university's sustainability efforts and on future plans each Earth Day.


Seth Bodnar, President      


Steve Thompson, Student Affairs

Permanently Assigned

         Eva Rocke, Sustainability Coordinator 

         Trevor Lowell, Director of Sustainability

FACULTY (Three; Two-year terms)       

Jen Thomsen, Parks, Recreation, and Tourism (2020)


John Freer, Industrial Technology (2022)

Robin Saha, Environmental Science (2022)

STAFF (Three; Two-year terms) 

Jameel Chaudhry, Facilities Serives (2018)

Victoria Bigelow, UM Dining (2018)

Edi Stan, Facilities Services (2018)

STUDENT (Three; One-year term)  

Meredith Repke

Kaden Harrrison

ADMINISTRATION (Three; Two-year terms)

Brian Kerns, Facilities Services (2018)



Amy Kuenzi, Biology, MT Tech of The University of Montana   

Richard A. Appleman, Environmental Engineering, MT Tech  of The University of Montana  

Robert C. Thomas, Environmental Sciences, The University of Montana Western

Updated May 13, 2020