University Council on Student Assault


To examine issues regarding campus policies and procedures addressing sexual assault.    


Royce C. Engstrom, President  


Beth Hubble, Women's Studies (2016)

Christine Fiore, Psychology

FACULTY (Five; three-year term)  

Brady Harrison, English (2015)

Anya Jabour, History (2016) 

John Sommers-Flanagan (2016)

Daneen Jeppson, Health Professions (2015)

Jamie Boschee, Women's Studies (2016)   

Annjeanette Belcourt-Dittloff, Pharmacy Practice (2016)

STAFF (Six; three-year term)  

Mike Maas, Mansfield Library (2016)

Brent Hildebrand, Health Services Administration (2016)

Casey Gunter, Public Safety (2016)

Angela Weisenberger, Alumni Relations (2016)

Drew Colling, Health Service Administration (2013)

Erin Steuer, Health Service Administration (2013)

STUDENT (Three; one year term)  

Ann Truesdale, social work

Lindsey Grove, psychology

Jan Roddy (2014)

ADMINISTRATION (Three; indefinite terms)  

Eric Gutierrez, Director, Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Office  

Rhondie Voorhees, Dean of Students

Richard Curtis, Health Service Administration     


Shantell Gaynor, Missoula Office of Planning and Grants

Kelly McGuire, Missoula Crime Victim Advocate Program

Kim Campbell, Councelor Education (2016)

Allison Pepper, Missoula College (2016)

Meagan McKay, student (2014)

Sean McQuillan, student (2014)


Sandy Schoonover, Director, Residence Life    

Jean Gee, Associate Director, Intercollegiate Athletics      


Updated September 2013 - For updates to the roster, contact the Office of the President