Writing Committee

Subcommittee of Academic Standards and Curriculum Review Committee 


Review for acceptability all W course proposals. Review and approve WPA test vehicle. Monitor WPA results. Develop criteria for writing courses. Consider appeals to WPA scores. Act in an advisory capacity to the Writing Center.    


Faculty Senate  


Beverly Ann Chin, English 

FACULTY (Eight; Two-year terms) 

Bharath Sriraman (2015)

Beverly Chin, English (2013)

Irene Appelbaum, Linguistics (2015)

G. G. Weix, Anthropology (2015)

Sherrill Brown, Pharmacy (2015

Cathy Corr, Missoula College (2015)

John Glendening, English (2015)

Marcia Kmetz, Applied Arts and Scinece (2015)

Megan Stark, Mansfield Library (2015)

Maria Mangold, English (2017)

STUDENT (Two, one-year term)  

Jill Melcher, graduate student (2014)

Mark Triana, graduate student (2014)

Ashlynn Anderson, undergraduate student (2014)

Additional Representatives 


Ed Johnson, Registrar

Amy Ratto-Parks, English 

Kelly Webster, Director, Writing Center

Nathan Lindsay, Associate Provost For Dynamic Learning


Updated March 2015