Campus Recreation

Mission Statement

Campus Recreation provides opportunities to thrive through innovative staff, facilities, and programming.

What people say about Campus Recreation

"I think Jennifer is a GREAT Yoga teacher. Hope she continues to teach in the Fall!" - Anonymous, June 2015

"David, my personal trainer, always finds new exercises and knows how to challenge me by building on previous work outs without burning me out. We have made great progress!" - DF, April 2015

"Miranda's Yoga class on Monday was amazing. I have taken all the Yoga classes offered and this was the best. Great instructor and best hour of my day." - Anonymous

"I'm moving away after seven years of undergrad and grad school. Thanks for giving me such a great place to work out all these years." - Anonymous, May 2014

"...You have all done a magnificent job in making the Rec Center new, alive, organized and FUN!" - Patricia

"Emily Kipp is a FANTASTIC instructor!" - Lauren, February 2014

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