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Diversity Advisory Council

The University of Montana

DAC Meeting - November 16, 2012


  • Introductions
  • Approval of October Meeting Minutes
  • Discussion of Draft Application for Special DAC funding outside of Mini-Grant process
  • Volunteers for Subcommittees
    • Mini-Grants
    • Student Award Ceremony
    • Nancy Borgmann Diversity Award
  • Update on Nancy Borgmann plaque
  • Student Group Outreach
  • Diversity Action Plan Review through Moodle
  • Announcements
  • Next meeting: December 13, 2012, 1:00 p.m. in University Center 330


Members Present: Blakely Brown, Jinann Bitar, Jamar Galbreath, Mika Watanabe, Ray Carlisle, Melissa Steinike, Kelsi Camp, Rhondie Voorhees, Peter Donaldson, Jennifer Zellmer-Cuaresma, Kendall Spence, Dora LaCasse, Sean Jeffrey, Juana Alcala, Julie Edwards, Bharath Sriraman, Natalie Hiller-Claridge, Chuck Harris, Carey Davis, Barb Seekins, George Price

October Meeting Minutes were approved.

Blakely presented the Special Projects/Events Application for funding from the DAC.  Juana discussed rolling the special projects/events application process in the minigrant application. There was lengthy discussion as to whether the two should be rolled into one process, if there should be a reserve for student groups, and whether the process is deadline driven or be a rolling process. Juana will organization an allocations subcommittee meeting and the subcommittee will discuss this issue further and bring ideas back to the full committee. The allocations subcommittee consists of: Juana, Jennifer, Carey, Barb, and Dora. They will bring back a proposal for the December 13th to the full committee concerning the process for allocating DAC funds in the future.

Juana explained that the bulk of the work for the student achievement awards subcommittee happens in February and early March.  There is an online process, UM Relations works with the subcommittee on the marketing, and the process is pretty streamlined. The student achievement awards subcommittee will consist of: Juana, Julie, Blakely, Jennifer, Dora, and Barb.  A meeting will be called in the near future by Juana.

The Nancy Borgmann Award Committee needs to send out a call for nominees, select a winner, and send it to the President’s Office in March. This committee will consist of Natalie, Mika, Blakely, Rhondie, and Jennifer. Blakely volunteered to call this meeting to start working on this in the near future.

Blakely presented the DAC Moodle site and discussed ways for DAC members to post comments about various Goals and Action items for the Diversity Strategic Plan that we are collectively working on this year. There was consensus that we begin our work with Goal 2.6 and various Action items within that Goal. Maria Cole has been invited to attend the December DAC meeting and present more information on this Goal. We can add that, and other information we collect about this item to the spreadsheet. Blakely mentioned that Lucy, Blakely and Kelsi are working to revise the spreadsheet posted on Moodle to contain the most current information we have (Responsible Party, Progress, etc) for various items. Blakely hopes to have the spreadsheet more up-to-date by the end of the year. She showed where DAC members are enrolled on the Moodle site. If you don’t see this link on your Moodle site, please contact Blakely and she can enroll you on the DAC Moodle.

Ray suggested that the Borgmann plaque be at the chosen location in April. He also suggests a public ceremony. He also suggested that the co-chairs meet with the President and discuss the placement of the plaque. A subcommittee should be formed to plan the ceremony as it gets closer in the spring.

The following people committed to doing some outreach to students in the next few months:  Barb (ISA and ADSUM), Jamar (Black Student Union, African Students Association), and Jinnan (Kyi-Yo).