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Diversity Advisory Council

The University of Montana

DAC Meeting - March 21, 2013


Present: Kelsi Camp, Dora LaCasse, Melissa Steinike, Marcie Briggs, Jacquie Hofmann, Maria Cole, Mika Watanabe, Janet Zupan, George Price, Sean Jeffrey, Jamar Galbreath, Wilena Old Person, Rhondie Voorhees, Bharath Sriraman


The February meetings minutes were approved.

The following upcoming events were shared: Amy Capolupo was recently chosen as the Director for DSS; Maria will be presenting to the City Council soon about the University’s efforts in diversity, recruitment, and retention; Dr. Susan Rankin will be presenting on March 28 in the UC on a variety of LGBTIG topics; the Student Involvement Network has started their diversity film series, and Kappa Kappa Gamma will be holding a fundraising dinner and fashion show in April to benefit the Yes Program.

Mika noted that 6 strong applications were received for the Nancy Borgmann Award this year, which made the choice difficult, but Steve Hesla from the Music Department was chosen and has been notified that he is the recipient. The minigrants subcommittee was approved one grant from Griz UNICEF for the International Women's Day event and they are in the process of reviewing a grant request from the Native American Law Students for an event during Indian Law Week. The Student Diversity Awards ceremony was recently held and was a great success. The DAC website will soon be updated to include this years winners and a photo of the group. There was discussion that in the future a review of student conduct will be added to the review process for the nominations. Rhondie stressed that these needs to be discussed further in the future.

Jacquie noted that we are on track with our budget, and that while the expenses for the ceremony have not been processed, they were within the projections. She also noted that at this time it looks like there will be $3,900 available for additional minigrants or other special funding requests.

After reviewing the DAC website it was decided that bios for the Nancy Borgmann awards winners should be added and that Rhondie would send her eloquent introduction for the diversity events page to Kelsi to be published on the website. The DAC website will only link to the UM Campus event calendar and will not list specific diversity related events.

It was noted that connections have been made to the ASUM executives and student groups in ASUM, hopefully we will see the results of these efforts next fall.

After reviewing the list of possible location for the Nancy Borgmann plaque the committee decided that the best place for it would be in the UC, possibly of the third floor. Jamar and other expressed concern over it being placed outside by the All People's Tree due to the possibility of vandalism, and all agreed that it needs to be in a public place where students, staff, faculty, and community members can easily see it.