Transfer Students

Application Instructions (2L Students)

ABA-Accredited Law School – The Blewett School of Law will accept transfer applications only from students attending an ABA-accredited law school.

Admission - Admission is granted on a space-available basis, bearing in mind the class sizes established for the law school. Transfer applicants will be evaluated on the same criteria as applied to entering students, with the additional consideration of the applicant’s academic performance in the law school currently attended, the quality of that law school, and the purpose of seeking to continue legal studies at the Blewett School of Law.

Transfer Credit Policy

Transfer students must complete at least 45 credit hours of law study in residence to earn a degree of Juris Doctor from the Blewett School of Law.

Admitted transfer applicants must meet with the Director of Admissions to complete a Transfer Credit Evaluation form. Every effort will be made to transfer credit from the same or similar courses to meet requirements.

Transfer credits and grades will be considered in calculating a student’s grade point average and class rank will be determined after completing one semester at the Blewett School of Law.  Grades and GPA will be transferred and calculated as close as possible based on the following scale: A+/A: 4.0; A-:3.7; B+: 3.3; B: 3.0; B-: 2.7; C+: 2.3; C: 2.0; C-: 1.7; D:1; F:0.

CAS – Register for LSAC’s Credential Assembly Service (CAS) and follow the instructions to ensure a complete application. Register at

Check List

Electronic Application & $60.00 application fee. Fill out the general online application, noting you are applying for transfer, and submit the $60 fee through LSAC.

Personal Statement – Applicants must attach to their electronic application one personal statement. The personal statement should provide information about yourself that you consider significant to our evaluation of your file. We are interested in learning about the qualities that you would bring to the legal profession, the law school classroom, and the community. You may wish to describe a significant experience in your life or to discuss your interest in or motivation for attending law school. A typical personal statement is 2-3 pages. It will be evaluated for writing ability as well as content. Do not treat your personal statement as a narrative of your resume.

Statement of Interest - It is recommended, but not required, that you submit a brief statement of interest explaining why you wish to attend the Blewett School of Law.

Personal Resume - Attach a current resume.

One Letter of Reference - Applicants seeking to transfer must submit one academic reference from a faculty member at the law school they currently attend.

Letter of Good Standing - Transfer applicants must provide a letter from an official of the law school currently attended confirming that the applicant is in good standing and eligible to continue at that school. This letter should be sent directly to the Blewett School of Law, Attention: Admissions.

Official Transcript – Transfer applicants must submit an official transcript of first-year law school courses verifying the average in all law studies for which the student has registered and received a grade is equivalent to that required for graduation from the institution attended. The transcript should be sent directly to the Blewett School of Law, Attention: Admissions.

Deadline – The deadline to apply for transfer is July 1. No decisions will be made with regard to transfer applications until the applicant’s complete first year law school transcript is received.