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BFA | Sonic Arts Track

The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a specialization in Sonic Arts is an interdisciplinary program between the Schools of Media Arts and Music that allows a platform for students to maximize their artistic potential through the study of emerging digital technologies and their aesthetic application. Focusing on sound as an artistic medium, students will build a strong foundation through the theory and application of recording, editing, processing, mixing, and spatializing digital audio. In this comprehensive program they will develop techniques in sequencing, synthesis, sampling, studio recording techniques, sound engineering, interactivity, digital signal processing, and scoring. They will actualize their work in a variety of mediums including sound installations, and scoring/sound design for film, gaming and integrated digital media. In addition to the principles and techniques of sonic art, students in this specialization are trained in the integrated use of a variety of industry-standard software programs including Logic, Peak, Digital Performer, Absynth, Kontakt and MaxMSP. Through the application of these programs they will expand their artistic technique by creating integrated work in new mediums. In addition to the core curriculum, there are opportunities to be involved with credited special topics courses that include media production, research and collaborative art projects.


The application process consists of the following:

  • Prerequisites

  • Application

  • Degree Plan/Courses

  • Course Descriptions