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A film by the students of the School of Media Arts

Lavender is a film about Marion Walters: A woman who lives with a rare neurological phenomenon called 5-
fold Synesthesia. In essence, the stimulation of one of her senses produces a reaction in all of her senses. This
extreme over-stimulation allows her to cling to each moment she lives, resulting in an immaculate memory
with no computational limit. She remembers everything.

The script explores the consequences of not being able to forget and introduces the concept that the act of
forgetting poses crucial in creating preciousness. Beyond that we want to make this film as stimulating, visually
and sonically, as life is for synesthete like Marion.

This film will incorporate Media Artists from many disciplines – blending filmmaking, animation, sonic arts, and
motion design into a cohesive whole.

Please consider helping us turn this film into a reality by kindly donating any amount of money you are comfortable with. While we know money is tight for everybody, and we appreciate every dollar. We can promise that every dollar raised, will be put towards the creation of making this film the best it can be. This is our passion, our vision and our dream. We thank you for your contribution.


The Lavender film team

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Written/Directed by Taylor Lennox, Produced by Trevor Crawford & Cassidy Belus, Cinematography by Channing Nunn, Production Design by Karlie Effinger

Starring Kate Scott & Dale Sherrard