Early Alert

In addition to the Early Alert information provided on the Registrar’s web site, the following describes a little more about the process and communication plan:

  • Early Alert reporting tools are available by the end of the 2nd week of each semester. 
  • Faculty members teaching undergraduate courses will receive an email with a link to the Early Alert Survey tool which contains links to their course roster(s). The faculty member will indicate which students are performing “D” work or below (Academic Alert) and/or students who are not currently attending or academic performance is impacted by their lack of attendance (Attendance Alert). Faculty may provide comments that will help the student’s advisor better understand the nature of the alert or instructions they would like passed on to the student.
  • Students will receive an email notifying them of the alert(s) the day after the faculty member submits the alert. The email contains the course title and “next steps” information.
  • Advisors will receive an email every Friday during the 3rd-7th weeks of the semester with attached lists of their advisees receiving an alert through the Early Alert Survey. Advisors are asked to either contact the students or address the alert at the next advising appointment.
  • The Early Alert reporting tools will close at the end of the 7th week of the semester.
  • Tips for Helping Students Who Receive Early Alerts.

Please contact the OSS Systems Administrator, Trevor Rehm, at 243-2297 for additional information or assistance.