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Policy Number: 101.3

Policy: Regents' Professor

Date Adopted: 09/91

Revision Date: 08/04, 04/10, 7/13

References: MUS 702.6

Approved By: Royce Engstrom, President

Board of Regents' policy establishes the rank of Regents' Professor. This rank is awarded at the discretion of the Board of Regents upon the recommendation of the President of the University.

The title of Regents' Professor is awarded to a very select group of full-time faculty with an outstanding record of commitment to the University; who have demonstrated true excellence in all three areas of University expectation: instruction, scholarship, and service; and who have demonstrated distinctive impact through their work as a faculty member.

A Regents' Professor, in addition to the normal University responsibilities, may be involved with the Davidson Honors College, provide a course of University-wide interest, represent the University at appropriate functions, provide lectures in the President's Lecture Series, and serve in a special advisory capacity to the Provost. The scholarship, instruction, and service provided by Regents' Professors are expected to be broad in scope and to exhibit great depth and vision.

The nomination and selection of Regents' Professors will be made by the following process:

1) In the fall semester of odd-numbered years, the Provost will distribute to the campus a call for nominations for the designation of Regents' Professor. Nominations will be submitted to the Dean of the nominated faculty member's college or school. Although nominations may come from a variety of sources, including students, members of the University faculty, or peers from other institutions, the Dean will be responsible for compiling a portfolio in support of the nomination(s) within his/her school/college. The portfolio will contain the following:

a) Evidence of demonstrated excellence in teaching. Regents' Professor nominees must demonstrate excellence in teaching at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. If their assignment is totally or mainly at the graduate level, clear evidence of excellence in teaching in the form of class performance, mentoring, and placement of graduates must be demonstrated at the highest levels.

b) Evidence of demonstrated excellence in scholarship. Regents' Professors nominees must demonstrate excellence in scholarship through publication, performance, awards and recognition at the national and international levels for their fields. The Regents' Professor designation represents the highest award made to faculty by the University, and as such, the quality of the nominee's scholarship should represent true distinction within his/her field.

c) Evidence of demonstrated excellence in service. Regents' Professors must demonstrate a service record in a combination of areas yielding a distinctive impact on the University. The record of service will include a high level of performance in two or more of the following areas:

i) service to the department, college or school and the University;

ii) service to national or international professional organizations, committees, panels or meetings;

iii) service to community, state, national or international bodies.

d) Evidence of demonstrated commitment to The University of Montana. Regents' Professors must be well established in their career, a major portion of which has been as a faculty member at the University. The designation of Regents' Professor shall be awarded only to tenured faculty holding the rank of Full Professor who have been employed by the University for a period of no less than 10 years.

Evidence of the above may come in a variety of forms, including letters from academic colleagues, generally of national or international stature themselves.  Each portfolio submitted by the Dean must contain a detailed letter from the Dean in support of the nomination and a complete CV of the nominated faculty member.

2) By November 15th, the Dean will submit his/her nomination(s) to the Provost, who will then distribute the nomination portfolios to the Regents' Professor Selection Committee. The committee will consist of no fewer than 5 Regents' Professors and 4 senior faculty members selected by the Provost. All Regents' Professors will have standing on the committee and may participate in the selection process.

3) The Committee will evaluate the portfolios of each of the deans' nominees and may request additional information as may be necessary. The Committee shall consider the distinctive impact and demonstrated excellence of the nominee(s) in the categories of teaching, scholarship, and service as well as his/her record of commitment to the University. No later than December 15th, the Committee will submit to the Provost the names of 2 candidates for further consideration. The recommendations of the Committee will be advisory to the Provost.

4) Based on the recommendations of the Regents' Professor Selection Committee, the Provost may submit to the President the names of up to 2 nominees for the designation of Regents' Professor. If in the judgment of the President, the nominees are suitably distinguished to hold the Regents' Professor designation, he will submit the names to the Board of Regents for final consideration and approval.

5) Upon approval of the Board of Regents, faculty members conferred the title of Regents' Professor shall enjoy all rights and privileges pertaining thereto, including any adjustment to the base salary.

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