Policy Number: 203.1

Policy: Alcohol Policy

Date Adopted: 03/88

Revision Date: 08/04, 12/11

References: BOR 503.1; MCA 16-4-109; Tailgate Policy

Approved By: Robert A. Duringer, Vice President for Administration & Finance

The University of Montana is committed to a campus community environment that promotes the health, safety, personal development and academic success of students, faculty and staff.

The Montana University System Board of Regents has adopted Policy 503.1 "Alcoholic Beverages: Montana University System" which establishes certain requirements and guidelines for the possession, consumption, sale, and distribution of alcohol on Montana University System property.

It is the policy of The University of Montana to comply with applicable state laws pertaining to the sale, possession, and consumption of alcoholic beverages and to foster responsible attitudes toward alcohol among the members of the University community, including students, faculty, staff, and visitors.  All UM faculty, staff, students and visitors must comply with this Policy.

1.0      Alcoholic Beverage Policy at The University of Montana

1.1     General Rule: Use of alcohol allowed under limited circumstances

The use (including consumption, possession, sale and service) of alcoholic beverages is not permitted on property belonging to the Montana University System except as follows:

a.  Alcoholic beverages may be consumed by students and their guests within student living quarters provided such consumption is in compliance with state laws, the Student Conduct Code, and relevant University policies. 

b.  Alcoholic beverages may be consumed within approved locations on University property with the prior approval of the President or President’s designee.

c.  Alcoholic beverages may be sold and consumed at The University of Montana Golf Course, provided a license is secured pursuant to Mont. Code Ann. §16-4-109.

1.2     Presidential Approval Required

No event involving the service or sale of alcoholic beverages may take place on University property without the prior written approval of the University President or the President’s designee. 

The following events require approval from the President or designee, but do not require the use of UDS Catering Services and/or the University’s exclusive alcohol vendor:

a.  University-sponsored Events at remote University property such as Montana Island Lodge, Lubrecht and Yellow Bay when it involves the service (not sale) of alcohol and the alcohol service is provided by University employees that are trained alcohol servers, i.e. TIPS or other approved responsible alcohol server training.

b.  Consumption of alcohol by concert performers in designated rooms within the Adams Center, WGS, University Center and/or University Theatre (or other University owned property where a concert might take place.)

c.  Private tailgate parties outside of Washington Grizzly Stadium (WGS) and Suites in WGS for events, where alcoholic beverages are brought in by private individuals for their personal consumption.  University Tailgate policies and procedures are applicable and must be followed.  

1.3     Additional Requirements for all University Employees, Students and Visitors

In accordance with Board of Regent’s policy, the following requirements apply to all alcohol use on University property:

a.  Any event, except for tailgate parties, held on University property that involves the sale or service of alcoholic beverages (including donated alcohol) must be scheduled with University Catering Services. 

b.  Consumption of alcohol shall be in connection with a substantive event, such as a banquet, official entertainment or reception.  The event’s organizers and sponsors must arrange for and ensure the service of food and non-alcoholic beverages during the duration of the event.

c.  The event sponsors must monitor service of alcohol to prevent excessive consumption; service to a person under the age of 21; and service or sale of alcohol to persons who are intoxicated or disorderly.

d.  The sale of alcohol may only be by UM’s contracted licensed vendor.  Sale of a ticket to an event where complimentary alcohol is served is considered a sale of alcohol.

e.  All servers must be trained in an authorized alcohol service program (“TIPS-trained”).  Servers may not consume alcohol during the event.

f.   Alcohol may only be served or consumed in approved locations.

g.  Alcohol sale or service cannot exceed four (4) hours.

h.  University departments or student groups may not apply for a special alcohol permit from the State of Montana Liquor Division.

i.  Generally, state appropriated funds and student/tuition/fee money will not be used to purchase alcoholic beverages.  Unrestricted Foundation funds and University designated funds may be used to purchase alcohol or donated alcohol may be used.  

j.  The President will generally not approve events where a significant number of participants/attendees are under the age of 21.

2.0     Additional Requirements for Specific Student Groups

2.1     Residence Halls, University Villages and Lewis and Clark Villages

a.  The use or possession of alcohol is permitted in the privacy of a student's room or individual family and graduate housing units; in accordance with applicable State law (legal drinking age in Montana is 21). Alcoholic beverages may not be consumed in hallways, lounges, utility rooms, other areas of residence halls.  Legal consumption by students in student living quarters shall not interfere with the rights of other residents and their guests or cause the normal operation of residence halls/student housing to be disrupted.

b.  Keggers and parties involving large amounts of alcoholic beverages are prohibited in student's rooms and in individual Village units.

c.  Residence Life social funds may not be used for the purchase of alcoholic beverages.

 2.2     Greek Organizations

a.  The possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages at men’s and women’s fraternity houses and functions must conform to policies established by the Board of Regents and the University of Montana; The University of Montana Greek Relationship Agreement, their national chapters, local ordinances, and state and federal laws.

b.  Members of legal drinking age may store and consume alcoholic beverages in the privacy of their own rooms.

c.  No Greek organization will serve or permit the use, possession, or consumption of alcohol at recruitment functions.

d.  Chapters must adhere to national policies regarding policies for purchasing alcoholic beverages with chapter funds.

e.  Planned social functions at the house at which alcohol is served must be registered with the Greek Life Advisor not less than 30 days prior to the event.

f.  At any event where alcohol is served, trained alcohol servers must be used to ensure that alcoholic beverages are not accessible or served to anyone under the legal drinking age, or to anyone who appears to be intoxicated, regardless of age.

g.  Chapters must adhere to The University Greek Relationship Agreement regarding policies for serving alcohol on and off premises.

3.0     Advertising and Promotion Involving Alcohol

This policy governs alcohol product sponsorship and/or advertising for University events planned by University departments or University groups or organizations. This policy applies to all such on campus and off-campus event advertising and promotion in whatever format; including books, brochures, posters, programs, directories, newspapers, signs, radio and television, video and audiotape, websites and electronic computer-generated communications.  Signs include those at athletic facilities and other campus locations and on campus vehicles.

The University recognizes the correlation between the misuse of alcohol and a variety of academic, social, or health-related consequences.  Although the University does not stand in loco parents to its students, it accepts responsibility for advocating and upholding the virtues of community, safety, harm reduction, and social responsibility.

3.1     University Events

For any University-related event or activity, The University of Montana will NOT:

a.  Use beer, wine, or liquor products (name, trademark, or logo) in advertisements and promotions for, or as sponsors of, any University event or activity regardless of location, unless approved by the President or the President’s designee;

b.  Use any University logo, trademark, or name in conjunction with alcoholic beverage products or symbols; or

c.  Make alcohol the focus of any University event, or use availability of beer or other alcoholic beverages to promote any University event.

It may be permissible for unopened alcoholic beverages to be included as an eligible prize at an otherwise permissible fundraising activity for the University or non-profit group as long as the prize winner is of lawful drinking age and the alcohol is not consumed at the event.

3.2     Non-University Events

a.  Subject to approval by the President of the University, events organized by non-University organizations on University premises may display the corporate names of alcohol sponsors as long as the use of alcohol is not promoted and University trademarked logos are not used in conjunction with the event.

b.  University trademarked logos may be used in conjunction with off-campus events involving alcohol products if the event has multiple sponsors, does not promote the sale of those products, and is an event that benefits an issue important to the University.  Each event will be judged on its own merits and subject to approval by the President or President’s designee.

3.3     Off-Campus University Events

University trademarked logos may not be used in conjunction with off-campus events involving alcohol products unless approved by the President or President’s designee.  To be approved, the event must:

a.  have multiple sponsors,

b.  not promote the sale of those products, and

c.  be an event that benefits an issue important to the University.  

Each event will be judged on its own merits.

3.4     Exceptions to Advertising Guidelines

Exceptions to this policy shall be limited to the following:

a.  University football game tailgate parties to the limited extent of permitting tailgate party participants to advertise the availability of alcoholic beverages to their guests who are 21 years of age or older.

b.  Adams Center and University Center events to the limited extent of permitting either Center to advertise the availability of alcoholic beverages to their guests who are 21 years of age or older.

c.  Any other exception authorized in advance by the University President.

4.0     Paying for Alcohol


The University of Montana has an obligation to manage its funds in a manner consistent with the best interests of the citizens of Montana.  Purchasing certain items may cause the public to believe that the institution is not exercising its responsibility in an appropriate manner.  Alcohol is one such item that comes under great scrutiny.

On limited occasions, it may be appropriate to serve alcoholic beverages while entertaining university guests or when hosting a university-related event.  Generally, state funds and student/tuition/fee money will not be used to purchase alcoholic beverages.

This policy is applicable to both on-campus and off-campus events.

4.1     Funding Sources

          a.  Allowed sources of funding

          b.  Disallowed sources of funding