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Administration & Finance

Policy Number: 304

Policy: Entertainment

Date Adopted: 01/93

Revision Date: 01/04

References: BOR 205.4, 503.1; Facilities Use & Access; Alcoholic Beverages Policy

Approved By: Robert A. Duringer, Vice President for Administration & Finance

Official entertainment may be expensed to the University only when such activities are directly related to the objectives of The University of Montana.

Examples of events considered to be official entertainment include:

  • Hosting of an official guest lecturer or speaker;
  • Recruitment for positions requiring specialized training or experience of a professional, technical, or administrative nature;
  • Receptions for special ceremonies approved by the President or appropriate Executive Officer;
  • Administrative meetings, concerning the welfare of campus where light refreshments or meals are an integral part of the business meeting

Example of events not considered to be official entertainment include:

  • Departmental social events, holiday parties, or picnics

University events that are not governed by this policy include:

  • Recruitment of prospective students;
  • UM sponsored workshops, conferences, etc. which include food and/or beverages in the participant fees
  • Expenditures for residence life social functions, which are covered by participants' (or by any general student) fees
  • Sponsored Program (Grant and Contract) funds may be expended under this policy only if specifically authorized prior to the event by the Grant and Contract Accounting Office.
  • For any entertainment event where the aggregate expenses exceed $30, prior approval on the Entertainment Approval Form is required.
  • Entertainment that includes alcoholic beverages must comply with the University alcoholic beverages policy.

Administration & Finance

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