Policy Number: 303.1

Policy: Procurement

Date Adopted: 04/98

Revision Date: 1/04, 8/11

References: Procurement Delegation Agreement , ARM Chapter 5BOR 920.1, 1003.2, MCA Title 2,  and Title  18.0

Approved By: Robert A. Duringer, Vice President for Administration & Finance

Procurement for the University is handled in the Business Services - Procurement Office. Procurement is responsible for the procurement activities of the University, and must follow university, state, and federal requirements, as well as adhering to sound procurement practices.

Departments are delegated the authority for purchases up to $25,000. The Executive Officer, Dean, Director, or Department Chair of the department is responsible for ensuring that these purchaes are in compliance with University policies, rules, and procedures. Procurements exceeding $25,000 are handled by Procurment, with the end user department initiating a purchase requisition into GrizMart, the University's e-procurement system. See procedures for items exempt from purchasing requirements.

Employees making purchases on behalf of the University must conduct all transactions in an open, forthright manner, without favoritism or conflict of interest, and above reproach or impropriety. An employee is prohibited from participating in the evaluation, selection, recommendation, or administration of a purchasing contract if a conflict of interest, or appearance of one, exists. Personal gifts or gratuities which might influence, or appear to influence, a purchase order cannot be accepted.

The University prohibits the purchase of goods or services from employees. In unique circumstances, this may be waived by the Director of Business Services.