Policy Number: 501

Policy: Domain Names

Date Adopted: 03/04

Revision Date:


Approved By: Robert A. Duringer, Vice President for Administration & Finance

  1. Top-Level Domain Name
    All official UM Web sites must use a standard top-level domain name.

    Only centrally managed, campus- or enterprise-wide facilities may use institutional top-level domain names (e.g., 'umt.edu') to identify associated network facilities.
  2. Sub-Domain Names

    Sub-domains names will be used to identify network resources, facilities, and activities associated with campus "entities" (for example, a department or other organizational unit of the campus).

    One and only one sub-domain name that is unique at the campus level will be assigned to and used by each entity on that campus to identify that entity's network activities. Appropriate IT staff will work with campus users to determine exactly what constitutes an entity that qualifies for a sub-domain name, what sub-domain name to use, and how to implement a transition if changes are required in the current naming scheme.
  3. Non-UM Domain Names

UM should generally not host other non-UM educational domains, nor should it host commercial (".com"), network service (".net"), or other newly defined domain types. Exceptions may be made for an organization with direct ties to the University.

UM may agree to host special non-profit (".org" or dot-org) domains, but only if the parent organization of the dot-org domain has a specific connection to the University and the University feels there is a mutually beneficial result obtained from the hosting.

Any non-UM domain Web site must have prior approval from the IT office before establishing the site or domain name.