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Administration & Finance

Policy Number: 601

Policy: Advertising

Date Adopted: 01/77

Revision Date:


Approved By: George M. Dennison, President

The University of Montana , as a state institution of higher education, has an obligation to disseminate information regarding programs and offerings within the scope of the authorized mission of the University. Paid or commercial advertising is among the means by which that obligation may be fulfilled, but economic and practical considerations require that the use of paid advertising for University purposes be consistent with the following policies and procedures:

  1. University publications such as catalogs, bulletins, academic brochures, faculty staff newsletters, or the telephone book shall be informational only and shall not contain any paid advertising.
  2. The use of paid advertising relevant to academic programs or offerings shall be limited to the dissemination of information rather than solicitation.
  3. The use of paid commercial solicitations by University of affiliated student or nonacademic enterprises shall be limited to expenditures from income generated from sources other than general fund allocations.
  4. Except for funds or activities wholly under the auspices of ASUM, written approval of the appropriate dean, vice-president, or the Director shall be required prior to placing or contracting for any paid advertisement.
  5. Use of paid advertising may only be approved after it has been determined that:
    • The dissemination of the specific information is reasonably required to meet the University obligation to make such information known.
    • Alternative means of dissemination such as release as a news item, mailing or inclusion in a regular University publication are untimely, inadequate to properly inform intended recipients, unavailable, or would effect no material savings of resources.
    • The content is limited to that which is adequate to convey the intended information and the media selected will substantially reach, but be reasonable confined, to those intended to be informed.
  6. This policy does not apply to advertisements regarding recruitment for positions or personal services or the sale of real or personal property by the University. 

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