Goals and Objectives 1996-1997

8 July 1996

TO: University Community
FROM: G. M. Dennison, President
SUBJECT: Goals and Objectives for 1996-1997

In prior memoranda, I have outlined six goals I thought appropriate to pursue. I use the term goal to refer to a long-term aspiration requiring continuous pursuit over an extended period. In addition, I provided a listing of specific objectives to pursue under each goal referring to short-term and tactical activities intended to assist in the attainment of the goals.

I remain committed to the pursuit and attainment of those goals formulated, since I believe that their fulfillment will serve The University of Montana well. I periodically restate the goals as I think appropriate for coming years. The objectives also receive some revision in the light of emergent conditions. I have stated my goals and objectives for 1996-1997 as follows:

I. To promote and guide the University, with the counsel and advice of all groups on the campus through appropriate agencies of University governance, so as to maintain a campus community attractive to qualified persons and dedicated to the fulfillment of the University's mission.


  • To promote an open atmosphere on the campus characterized by the free interchange of ideas and respect for the rights of all so as to encourage the contribution of all groups and individuals to the fulfillment of the mission of the University.
  • To recruit and retain an administrative team dedicated to responsible and participatory governance respectful of the perspectives and interests of all elements of the diverse University community, established governance procedures, and administrative responsibilities.
  • To recruit and retain a diverse group of outstanding faculty and staff members to provide role models and serve the needs of the students attracted to the campus.
  • To implement the University's diversity plan to assure the inclusion of women, minorities, and international students, with particular attention to the historic role and place of Native Americans in Montana.
  • To continue to pursue aggressively the opportunities for students and faculty to participate in international programs.
  • To continue monitoring the campus environment to identify areas needing further improvement so as to facilitate the learning, creativity, and development of all students, staff, and faculty.

II. To sustain a planning process for The University of Montana designed to assure full participation of all groups on the campus in the implementation of the established mission of the University within the context of the goals identified by the Board of Regents for the Montana University System.


  • To refine the planning process and procedures of The University of Montana so as to assure instructional, research and creative, and service programs of the very highest quality to serve the people of Montana.
  • To assure that the planning processes and agencies include representatives of all groups on campus, and that the process provides appropriate opportunities for all groups to participate.
  • To assist the University Budget Planning Committee to develop and implement procedures to conduct its work in a timely and responsive manner.
  • To work with the Faculty Senate and the Executive Officers of the University to review and refine policies and procedures relating to faculty and staff appointments, including revision of the Affirmative Action Plan of the University.
  • To work closely with the Provost, the Vice President for Administration and Finance, the Dean of Students, and the appropriate faculty, staff, and student committees to develop and implement a responsive and flexible organizational structure to manage Information Technology on the campus.
  • To complete the facilities planning and identify renovation and new construction essential to meet the needs of the campus.

III. To develop the resource base of the University through appropriate participation with the Interim Commissioner and the Board of Regents to plan a legislative strategy and to implement strategies to attract private sector support.


  • To participate actively in the Regents' planning process in order to assist in the development of a resource base appropriate to the goals and objectives for the System and The University of Montana.
  • To work closely with the Interim Commissioner in order to prepare for the next Legislative Session.
  • To involve the private sector in support of the goals and objectives of the System and the University.
  • To work closely with The University of Montana Foundation in mounting a capital campaign to benefit The University of Montana.
  • To maintain strong alumni relations through The University of Montana Alumni Association.

IV. To assure full accountability to the Interim Commissioner of Higher Education, the Board of Regents, and the State of Montana for the use of resources and the implementation of applicable rules, regulations, and procedures.


  • To assure the continued development of all campuses of The University of Montana.
  • To maintain an effective and responsive internal audit function to assure compliance with Regents' policy and State laws.
  • To implement a 1997-1999 budget for The University of Montana that conforms to the System priorities and budget as approved by the Board of Regents.
  • To assess and revise institutional policies so as to assure full compliance with all applicable rules, regulations, statutes, and audit findings.
  • To maintain appropriate flexibility in programming and budgeting so as to deal with unforeseen contingencies that may arise.
  • To stand accountable for appropriate stewardship of all University resources, including the physical plant and environment.

V. To sustain excellent instructional programs and encourage and promote faculty research and creative activities in fulfillment of the University's mission in research and service to the people and communities of Montana.


  • To foster the maintenance of instructional programs of the highest quality at the undergraduate, graduate, and first professional level, appropriate to the mission of the University and consistent with the Regents' mandates, so as to meet the needs of students.
  • To implement and actualize the University's continued commitment to quality, using the insights and strategies developed in the Davidson Honors College to revitalize all of undergraduate education.
  • To reclaim Doctoral I status for the University.
  • To continue the implementation of the outcomes assessment program.
  • To encourage the continued enhancement of faculty excellence in research and creative activities so as to attract funds to support the mission of the University.
  • To continue to promote responsive outreach programs and technology transfer so as to serve the needs of the people of the State as appropriate to the mission of the University.

VI. To communicate the goals, objectives, accomplishments, and contributions of the Montana University System and The University of Montana to the people of the State and serve as a spokesperson for higher education.


  • To work closely with the Interim Commissioner, Regents, and President M. Malone to explain the role and value of higher education in Montana, the nation, and the world.
  • To work closely with the Interim Commissioner and President M. Malone to articulate how the restructured Montana University System best meets the needs of the people of Montana and fits the existing resource base.
  • To implement an appropriate array of events to complete the Capital Campaign undertaken by The University of Montana Foundation for the benefit of the University.