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Award Mechanisms


Cooperative Agreement (JVAs, CESUs, Challenge Cost Share Agreements) Research Contract Contracted Services
Institutional Process Processed by ORSP Processed by ORSP Processed by ORSP For services paid to UM that utilize  scientific instrumentation, route to Associate Legal Counsel (x4742) who will review and secure VPR's signature.
Basic Purpose Provides financial assistance with few restrictions.  Typically used to fund a program designed by the recipient Provide assistance with substantial involvement of both parties Procure tangible goods or services that carry out a program of mutual interest to the sponsoring entity and recipient. Provide goods, service, or data for the sponsoring entity.
Solicitation Method Application kit or guidelines Request of Application or Proposal (RFA, RFP) Request for Proposal (RFP) or Quote May originate without a "contract" as often more of a "work for hire" relationship. Sometimes generated through personal contacts.
Award Instrument Short and simple, may refer to general conditions More detailed than a grant award, and will describe the level of involvement of both parties Detailed specifications, clauses, regulations, and expected results or deliverables Generally none beyond identification of goods, service, or data required.
Level of Sponsor Involvement Generally none Substantial involvement May be extensive; generally grantor and grantee both have programmatic decision making Generally none
Rebudgeting Flexible and typically done through internal mechanisms such as OPAS Usually flexible and may be allowed through OPAS More restrictive N/A
Equipment title Vests with grantee Varies Varies N/A
Performance Period Specified in grant Specified in Cooperative Agreement Specified in Contract Specified when services requested
Intellectual Property Rights Usually vested with grantee May be shared Specified in Contract Vested with sponsor
Publications Sponsor may request that they be informed prior to any publication Sponsor may request that they be informed prior to any publication Sponsor may require prior review and approval Produced by sponsor
Technical Reports Annual summary Frequent reports and communication Detailed and frequent (monthly) Typically only reports are delivery of services or data requested