End of Grant - Project Closeout

Close-out requirements are detailed in the terms and conditions of the award. The time allowed for close out may vary from sponsor to sponsor. Federal sponsors, for example, typically allow 90 days for close-out after the end of the grant.  Some allow as little as 30 days.

As the end date approaches, OSP will notify the PI and department of close-out requirements and time required via an End of Grant Notification memo. 

OSP must submit final billing within the time allowed or risk losing payment.  Additionally, the sponsor will not release final payment until all requirements are met, such as receipt of the PI's technical/ project / progress report(s) and the final financial report (submitted by OSP).  Failure to comply jeopardizes future funding for the entire University and may also result in fines or penalties.

The department is responsible for any payments that cannot be collected due to inadequate time allowed for OSP processing or PI oversight.

Costs incurred after close-out

Costs incurred after the end date of a project will need to be paid from a different index code.

Cost transfers

In order for OSP to submit the final financial report on time, the PI must ensure that cost transfers are processed within the timeframe provided in the OSP End of Grant Notification. 

Cost sharing

Carefully review the project and any cost sharing requirements, and contact your post-award specialist with questions or concerns.  

Excess budget

If excess budget is anticipated, contact your post-award specialist to discuss requesting a time extension or carryforward.  In many cases, sponsors have delegated expanded authority to the University to grant a one-time, no-cost extension. If not, OSP will make the request with PI involvement.

Departmental charges

The grant index code can not be used after close-out.  Notify departments accordingly and provide them a different funding source for services such as:

  • Campus Mail
  • Chemistry Stores
  • Demurrage Charges
  • Mansfield Library
  • Presentation Technology
  • Printing & Graphics
  • Telephone / port charges
  • UC Bookstore
  • Other

Collect any telephone cards and notify Telecommunication Services to either remove a phone charged to this index or change the funding source.  


Prepare a new Request for Personnel Transaction (RPT) for each employee paid from the grant index code.  Identify a new funding source and provide an appropriate start date.

Record retention

Records will be retained per the OSP Record Retention guidelines.