Training for Wildlife Users

Date Adopted: September 7, 2005

Last Review Date: January 2, 2019

I.  Procedure

A.  All Principal Investigators (PI) pursuing research involving living wild animals (wildlife) and all wildlife users under PI supervision are required prior to beginning work on an approved Wildlife Animal Use Protocol (AUP) or Laboratory AUP involving wildlife to:

  1. Review the online Wildlife Training Presentation and complete the Wildlife Handlers Quiz.
  2. E-mail the completed quiz to
  3. Fill out an OH&S Risk Assessment form (update if health status changes)
  4. Complete the "Wildlife Research" course at Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) 
  5. If using amphibians or fish for research, complete the amphibian or fish training module on the CITI training web site 
B.  Users must update their training by completing:
  1. Online Wildlife Training Presentation and quiz update every 3 years
  2. OH&S risk assessment update every 3 years or more often if health status changes
  3. CITI  training modules every 3 years