Beekeeping Online

UM's Online Beekeeping Certificate program consists of three university-level courses at the apprentice, journeyman and master levels, culminating in a certificate designating the participant as a "Master Beekeeper." The program is endorsed by the Montana State Beekeepers Association, The American Honey Producers Association, and Project Apis m. Our courses are taught by UM faculty members and owners of Bee Alert Technology, Dr. Jerry Bromenshenk, Scott Debnam & Phillip Welch, widely regarded as one of the nation's premier honey bee research teams.

Upcoming Courses

Level Dates Registration Opens
Master June 4-August 3
Apprentice June 11-July 20
Apprentice August 27-October 5 July
Journeyman September 24-November 16 July
Apprentice November 5-December 14 September

Summer 2018 Bee Field Camp

July 6 & 7 in Missoula, Montana

We are proud to co-sponsor a summer beekeeping field camp! Classroom and field presentations from Randy Oliver of and UM Beekeeping Instructors Dr. Jerry Bromenshenk and Scott Debnam. Topics include tips for handling bees, reading the combs, small-scale queen rearing, varroa management, and honey bee digestive system and nosema testing.  Registration & more information.

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