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What Our Students Say...

Apprentice Course Testimonials

"By taking this class, I have the confidence that I can start beekeeping and succeed. This class provided much needed information about the diseases bees have. I would recommend this class before getting into the beekeeping business."
Alta Miller, Divide, Montana

"The course content was very instructional and well worth the effort to engage in the course. The reading material was worthwhile; the tests concise though meaningful and educational. Overall, I would recommend this course, especially for the hobbyist."
Karla Kimball, Boise, Idaho

"I think this is an excellent course. It equips you with the skills necessary to feel confident in working your hives and being around bees. I would highly recommend this course."
Lynne Behrend, Queensland, Australia

"This is a fantastic course that will appeal to anyone interested in the honey bee. I highly recommend."
Andrew Twidle, Christchurch, New Zealand

Journeyman Course Testimonials

"A great value for the quality of instruction."
Gregg Wood, Missoula, Montana

"As a beekeeper I learned a great deal on how to manage my apiary. The instructors were very knowledgeable and advanced in the study of honey bees. ---And, it was fun!!"
Marianna Molenda, Missoula, Montana

Program Endorsements

"The Master Beekeeping Certificate Program is a great opportunity for participants to learn from instructors that are some of the most knowledgeable researchers in the country. The instructors, coupled with the stepped levels from Apprentice to Master level results in the best instruction available in beekeeping."

Montana State Beekeepers Association

Also endorsed by:

  • Project Apis m.
  • The American Honey Producers Association