Office of the Vice President for Enrollment and Student Affairs


The Division of Enrollment and Student Affairs facilitates student learning by providing high quality programs, services, and developmental opportunities, while fostering an inclusive campus community in support of the educational mission of The University of Montana.

Enrollment & Student Affairs Planning Principles and Values


We provide high quality programs to prepare students to understand and address the needs of society.

Fiscal Responsibility

We budget wisely and prepare for a future where fewer dollars may be available for new programs and services.


We utilize improved technology to continually enhance service delivery.


We collaborate with faculty, staff, and students to offer educational programs and services.

Respect for Diversity

We foster a campus community that welcomes all, celebrates diversity, and is student-centered.


We encourage and reward innovative thinking that improves the substance and delivery of programs.

Student Safety

A Message from the President of the University of Montana: Sexual Assault Will Not Be Tolerated. You can help end sexual assault.

If you have information or want to report an assault, contact:

Jessica Weltman
Director of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action/Title IX Coordinator
(406) 243-5710

Rhondie Voorhees
Dean of Students
(406) 243-6413

For support services or to speak with an advocate call the Student Advocacy Resource Center (SARC) at (406) 243-6559.

For more information on resources, reporting, and University policy related to student safety and sexual assault, please visit the student safety page

For information about the Student Conduct Code, please visit the Policies page.