Study Anthropology-Linguistics at the University of Montana

Explore linguistics, languages and linguistic analysis within an anthropological framework. Language plays a critical role in social identity and the establishing of cultural beliefs and ideologies. The linguistics concentration of the anthropology major at UM explores the ways in which language provides insights into human society while preparing you with skills in critical thinking, communication and organization that will help you excel as a professional.

Specializing in Native American languages of the region, language preservation and English as a second language, our linguistics program offers numerous opportunities for undergraduate research and features a field methods course. You’ll also benefit from small classes and flexible online, remote and hybrid learning options to fit your schedule.


estimated average salary of alumni with a bachelor’s degree in anthropology


The Montana Anthropology Student Association is the largest anthropology student group in the Northwest

Other degree options for anthropology at UM

Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology – Forensic Anthropology Concentration

Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology – Archaeology Concentration

Master of Arts in Anthropology (General)

Master of Arts in Anthropology - Forensic and Biological Anthropology option

Master of Arts in Anthropology - Cultural Heritage option

Ph.D. in Anthropology (General)

Ph.D. in Anthropology - Cultural Heritage and Applied Anthropology option

What is linguistic anthropology?

Linguistic anthropology combines the study of language and the study of human communities, exploring the social and cultural foundations of language, and how languages and cultures influence each other. Linguistic anthropologists study communication through language in many forms — from everyday conversation to media and political discourse. They also look at the ways in which language is used in socialization, and are involved in the preservation of Native languages.

What can you do with an anthropology degree?

 As an anthropology major, you’ll learn to look at the human experience from different perspectives while developing skills you can apply to a broad range of careers and graduate study opportunities — from teaching to project management to scientific research. The concentration in linguistics will further enhance your ability to identify problems and raise questions, communicate effectively to diverse audiences, conduct research and evaluate data.

Linguistic anthropology jobs

  • Anthropologist
  • Professor
  • Researcher
  • Government anthropologist
  • Business owner

Linguistic anthropology salaries

The estimated average salary of our anthropology bachelor’s degree graduates is $63,115. According to recent data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, anthropology salaries nationwide average $66,130 (with an average of $61,880 in Montana).

Video: Understanding similarities, appreciating differences

UM linguistics Professor Leora Bar-el discusses how languages teach us about what it means to be human by exposing patterns of difference and commonality.

Experiential learning in the anthropology major

Our linguistic anthropology program offers unique opportunities to work with faculty on research and present at undergraduate research conferences. Research specialization areas in our linguistic anthropology major include:

  • Salish languages
  • East Ruvu Bantu languages of Tanzania
  • Blackfoot language
  • Dialect variation (especially Montana English)
  • Issues in language revitalization
  • Sound visualization
  • Data collection and research methodologies in linguistic fieldwork
  • Dispelling myths about language and promoting an appreciation of linguistic diversity

Career development in the anthropology major

At the University of Montana, we do more than help you excel as a college student: We help you excel in the job market as a professional. A number of opportunities for networking and career development are woven into the anthropology major — from engaging in real-world projects in the community to presenting your work at conferences. You can also participate in the Montana Anthropology Student Association (MASA), which hosts lectures, workshops, social events and other networking opportunities.

Anthropology scholarships

We offer a number of program scholarships you may qualify for as an anthropology major, including the Jocelyn MacDonald Barker scholarship and the Roderick S. Smith scholarship. 

Explore scholarship opportunities in the anthropology bachelor’s degree at UM. 

Explore classes for the linguistics concentration of the anthropology degree

In the linguistic anthropology degree program at UM, you’ll learn the core of anthropology and then focus on linguistic subjects such as language and culture, Native American linguistics and bilingualism.

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