Study Computer Science and Software Engineering at the University of Montana

The software engineer makes informed decisions about the suitability of existing software libraries for solving a particular problem. The software engineering concentration of the major in computer science prepares you to do just that — with training that stresses practice over theory, primarily for the development, operation and maintenance of software.

As a software engineering major at UM, you’ll graduate with the skills necessary to develop and maintain large-scale software projects. In fact, the program will set you up beautifully for industry positions which are heavy on applications development, particularly web development — providing you with skills not often met by many computer science programs. Better yet, the software engineering degree pairs perfectly with interests in other programs.


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What can you do with a software engineering degree?

Software engineering is among the most in-demand careers today. Yet there is a significant workforce shortage for qualified engineers — with more high-salary jobs for software engineering graduates than applicants to fill them. That puts UM students in an enviable position.

Software engineering jobs

  • Software engineer
  • Software product developer
  • Web developer
  • Computer games developer
  • Network administrator
  • Computer programmer

Software engineering salaries

In May 2020, the median annual wage for software developers was $110,140. The lowest 10% earned less than $65,210, and the highest 10% earned more than $170,100.

More specifically, software developers, software quality assurance analysts and testers earned $110,140. Software and web developers, programmers and testers earned $105,310. Computer occupations took home $91,250.

Experiential learning in the computer science degree program

As with all UM degree programs, the software engineering concentration emphasizes hands-on application throughout the four-year program. We believe experiential learning — both internships and research opportunities — is perhaps one of the most important aspects of the program and a key contributor to student success, post-graduation. We take pride in giving our students several opportunities to interface with research labs and the local tech community.

Internships for computer science majors

To put theory into practice, many UM computer science majors have received internships at local and national tech firms. Some have even received contract positions within the university.

Undergraduate research experiences for the bachelor's in computer science

Many computer science and software engineering majors participate in research opportunities developing scientific software. To help in this endeavor, we provide access to a large, research-oriented computer cluster, available to all researching students.

Career development in computer science

UM students in the software engineering degree program are well positioned for exciting careers in the digital technology sector. In addition to an exceptional education, our cutting-edge interdisciplinary program with top businesses helps prepare graduates for the jobs of the future.

Our faculty have significant experience working in data science and the tech industry, and many are tied into the local tech community. They not only serve as mentors but open the door to extensive internship and employment opportunities.

Student clubs such as the Computer Science Club, Women in Computing, and the University of Montana Computer Science Club, also provide networking opportunities that may lead to potential future jobs.

Scholarships for computer science majors

The computer science degree program offers a host of scholarships, including the JR Scholarship and Mike McGinley Scholarship, to help UM students achieve their education and career goals without financial stress. Learn more about scholarship opportunities for software engineering majors.

Software engineering degree requirements

The software engineering degree curriculum provides a well-rounded, well-informed education, with such topics as Web Design and Programming, Database Design and Digital Entrepreneurship. As a software engineering degree graduate, you’ll gain the skills to perform on the job, confidently.

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