Solving Global Challenges 

The Franke Global Leadership Initiative is a four-year, 12-credit certificate program that enriches undergraduate students’ academic learning by combining practical experiences with classroom education. This program will give you access to world-class leaders and provides opportunities to explore society’s questions locally or around the world. It’s about the connection of community and creativity as students from different majors come together and harness their diversity to tackle real-world problems with fresh thinking.


Median scholarship. Scholarships guaranteed to all Franke GLI students.


# of countries in which students completed their Beyond the Classroom experience.


Average faculty to student ratio for all Global Leadership courses.


What Employers Want

The Franke GLI gives you a set of marketable experiences, including working with diverse issues and people, developing leadership skills, gaining hands-on experiences outside the classroom, and implementing a group project that addresses a real-world issue. Why is this important? Currently 80% of employers expect students to complete a significant project, while 87% of employers expect their employees to work effectively in teams and 93% of employers expect students to complete an internship or community-based field project to connect classroom learning with real-world experiences. (AAC&U, 2018)



Beyond the Classroom Experience

  • Canyon in Uganda

    International Internship in Uganda

    Canyon Hohenstein interned in Uganda, with a focus on HIV/ AIDS prevention. He gained perspective on ways to educate people on public and global health topics.


  • Elizabeth in Taiwan

    Study Abroad in Taiwan

    Elizabeth Williams expanded her knowledge about how globalization and foreign aid have affected countries, specifically Taiwan and the Taiwanese culture.


  • Makkie in Washington D.C.

    Internship in Washington D.C.

    Makkie Haller spent a summer interning with the State Department in Washington D.C. where she learned how to promote cross-cultural understanding by engaging youth.


  • Spencer in Ireland

    Study Abroad in Ireland

    Spencer Lachman explored how Western European values around resources and sustainability influence restoration, conservation, and development efforts.


  • Bella looking at a map

    Field Experience in the Colorado Plateau

    Bella Butler spent a semester in the Colorado Plateau where she discovered the best approaches to forming respectful behaviors toward the environment.