Minor in Military Studies at the University of Montana

Get direct leadership training in the only program on campus that guarantees every student a job after college.

The minor in military studies, better known as Army ROTC, is offered to any student who is interested in and qualifies for military service. By committing to the program, you agree to serve as a military officer after the completion of your degree. In return for military service, most students receive education benefits — up to 100% of tuition and fees plus a monthly stipend. You’re also guaranteed a job in the military after college, with both full- and part-time opportunities. 

Our ROTC program instructors are active-duty military officers and enlisted service members, with expertise in combat arms, military intelligence, aviation, logistics and more. Most have served in command positions, and many have served overseas.

Engage in hands-on leadership training opportunities at nearby Fort Harrison and Lubrecht Experimental Forest. Complete an internship overseas. Graduate with a full-time career waiting. The Army ROTC program at University of Montana will open unlimited opportunities and prepare you for lifelong success.


guaranteed employment after college


courses open to any UM student without any commitment to serve


in scholarship funds awarded to UM cadets each year

What can you do with a military studies minor?

ROTC students develop strong leadership, critical thinking, time management and problem-solving skills. They are excellent decision-makers who are also service-minded and trained in risk assessment and mitigations.

All these skills are highly sought after, not only in the military, but also by employers in virtually every civilian industry. That’s why ROTC students tend to stand out among college graduates. Military officers are also assessed for a security clearance, which can be an additional advantage when applying for civilian and government jobs.

Jobs for ROTC graduates

If you’re looking for job security, you won’t find a better opportunity than the Army ROTC program. Every student who completes the program is guaranteed a job in the military, working in fields such as:

  • Medical services
  • Logistics
  • Military intelligence
  • Human resources
  • Military police
  • Aviation

During and after service as an Army Officer, many of our students also have successful civilian careers or continue federal service in agencies like the FBI, CIA and Homeland Security.

Salary for ROTC graduates

Army Officers make over $40,000 as a starting salary and receive free health care and a monthly housing allowance. Within four years, the majority of Army Officers make over $72,000 per year. Most have little to no student loan debt, due to financial aid received from the military.

Experiential Learning in the Military Sciences Minor

Hands-on learning and real-world skill development is a key part of the Army ROTC program at the University of Montana.

Take part in internships around the world, working in fields ranging from health care to logistics to forensic science. Engage in summer training opportunities including Army Airborne School, Army Air Assault School, language immersion courses and summer study abroad. Conduct field training such as rappelling, land navigation and physical confidence courses.

Our weekly leadership laboratory will challenge you in areas such as personnel management, critical decision making, and communication, helping you build essential leadership skills with the mentorship of your instructors. As future military officers, our students also regularly serve the community through their student club, Grizzly Strong.

Career development in the military studies program

The Army ROTC program provides networking and career development opportunities on campus and within the larger military community. Our students are highly engaged and take part in many different types of events throughout the year.

UM’s Grizzly Strong Club has participated in team-building activities like local Spartan Races, the Bataan Memorial Death March and many activities in the local community. An annual leadership symposium invites guest speakers from Army Special Forces and other active-duty areas. We also support the university and community by providing color guard during games, parades and other community ceremonies. 

Learn more about cadet life in the ROTC program at University of Montana.

ROTC Scholarships

The Army ROTC program offers scholarships to many of our students that pay 100% of tuition and fees. You’ll also receive $1200 per year to help cover book costs and a monthly stipend of $420. 

Some military studies students receive education benefits through service in the National Guard or Army Reserve which ROTC supplements. Financial aid opportunities can vary, but every student receives some type of financial assistance once committed to the program.

Learn more about Army ROTC scholarships.

Course requirements for ROTC

The Army ROTC program at UM includes courses in leadership and personal development, tactical and team leadership, war history and political science. Our lower-division courses are open enrollment, which means that you can take those classes without committing to military service after graduation.

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