Study Sustainable Construction at Missoula College

Earn your associate degree in sustainable construction from Missoula College at the University of Montana and work in an emerging industry. Our program provides a complete education on the process of building sustainable structures, as well as the basics of planning, managing, estimating and scheduling building projects.  

The sustainable construction degree at Missoula emphasizes hands-on skills, from carpentry to building management. You’ll learn the basic principles of building a sustainable structure, including how to execute performance testing and efficiency improvements. You’ll also learn about using sustainable materials.  

Our sustainable construction program has been awarded HELP school designation through the highly respected National Housing Endowment. Receiving your associate degree from UM will provide you with the foundation to excel in any vocation involved in sustainable construction.


percent of construction firms surveyed indicated they will increase employees in the years to come.



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average salary of a construction manager in Montana. 

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What can you do with a degree in sustainable construction technology?

Earn your degree in sustainable construction at Missoula College and prepare to enter the construction field in a variety of positions. Whether you are interested in a skilled trade or building project management, your sustainable construction degree is the first step.   

You’ll participate in every phase of construction, learning what interests you most and getting a head start on the career you choose. Our associate degree in construction also offers certificates and micro credentials in carpentry, green building and other areas, which can be taken individually or while pursuing an associate degree. Options include: 

  • One Year Certificate of Applied Science in Carpentry 
  • One Year Certificate of Applied Science in Construction Management 
  • One Year Certificate of Applied Science in Engineering Technology 
  • One Year Certificate of Technical Skills in Green Building 
  • Short Term Job Site Ready (JSR) Entry-Level Workforce Training

You can continue to expand your construction education with vocational trades or even build your own house.

What is sustainable construction technology?

Sustainable construction is the use of resource-efficient and environmentally responsible processes in construction to ensure the lifetime sustainability of the building. 

Sustainable, also known as “green” construction, ensures that all aspects of construction — building operations, site design, maintenance, repair and demolition — are completed with the least harm to the environment.  

Sustainable construction also requires close collaboration of engineers, the client, the architects and the entire construction team throughout the construction project.

Sustainable construction jobs

Your associate degree in sustainable construction from Missoula College in Montana will help you secure a variety of construction jobs as: 

  • Carpenter 
  • Construction project manager 
  • Construction superintendent 
  • Construction technician 
  • Field engineer 
  • Construction estimator 
  • Resource and recycle management consultant 
  • Masonry worker

Sustainable construction technology salaries

Your associate degree in sustainable construction can lead to higher earnings. Here are average salaries of several jobs in this field: 

  • $97,180 for construction project managers  
  • $88,540 for elevator installers and repairers 
  • $70,550 for construction superintendents 
  • $55,140 for carpenters 
  • $63,140 for construction estimators 
  • $60,720 building inspectors


Video: Program Director John Freer on UM’s sustainable construction training

Discover how the Sustainable Construction Technology Program of Missoula College in Missoula, Montana is right for you.

Alumni Success Story

“Some people have family experience working with tools, but I didn’t. What I like about this program is how hands-on it is. We do new things every day."

- Amanda Parker, UM sustainable construction degree graduate

Experiential learning in the sustainable construction degree program

In your carpentry courses, you’ll learn skills from basic framing to intricate cabinetry, and craft your own projects from cutting boards to furniture. 

You’ll learn to build a home from start to finish in our Student Built House — a hands-on project that will help you master the basic skills required for every aspect of construction. Not only will this project expose you to all the challenges and rewards of any actual construction project, you’ll also learn how to adapt and apply creative problem-solving skills to resolve supply delays, weather slowdowns and production changes. The same challenges you will find on construction jobs. Your pride of accomplishment also helps a local family, as every completed house becomes someone’s home in the Missoula community. 

If your interest is in the business of building, Missoula College also offers building management courses.

Internships lead to construction jobs

Participate in internships with local construction companies learning everything from field skills to project management. 

You have the opportunity to participate in several internships while classes are in session or over the summer. Internships with local construction industry partners provide you opportunities to learn everything from field skills to project management. 

Since you work directly with local construction leaders, you receive on-the-job training and get to demonstrate the skills you are developing from your associate degree courses. Many of our students continue their careers with the companies where they completed internships  

Missoula College also partners with local nonprofits, resulting in more hands-on building opportunities for you. Sustainable construction internships gives you experience in many different construction environments working directly with prospective employers.

Career development in the sustainable construction associate degree program

Our program supports you in developing construction skills that are in demand — skills that will allow you to offer best practice solutions for construction industry challenges.

Our program director led the project that resulted in the first LEED Certified Green Home in Montana. We also invite industry experts and other construction professionals to teach as adjunct faculty.

To help you finance your degree training, Missoula College offers many trade scholarships, including the Walter T. and Ruby Irions Scholarship, designated for any second-year student who pursues their Certificate in Construction Management in tandem with their associate’s in construction.

We also proudly support active military and veterans with financial assistance options.