Welcome to the School of Art!

COVID-19 is impacting all of us, and we are working to build engaging ways to bring our curriculum to you.  We want to help you keep on creating!

 All our foundations classes have an online version and many have in-person sections.    Next Fall, whether studying on-campus or from afar, you can earn credits towards your degree. Choose how you want to learn! 

 Foundations classes



Art History


3-D Design


Digital Imaging


Creative Coding


Media arts


Film Editing








Interested in learning fully online? Click to learn more about our B.A.-Art online degree.

Contact us at edward.morrissey@mso.umt.edu


"It does amaze me how oddly but perfectly my background as a student in studio art has helped me become a more effective communicator of science. I love that I get to be creative in my current job even if it doesn't involve mixing paint!" Emily Graslie, TV, Video, Management at The Field Museum, Chicago, IL.