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The University of Montana hosts an engaging and open minded Division of Drawing.  The faculty offers diverse viewpoints and  takes particular pride in assisting each student to develop their own work to a level of professional excellence. Attending a UM student exhibition, one will see that there is not a "University of Montana" style or emphasis; the strength of our program is in encouraging each student to develop their own interests and direction.


The undergraduate studio classroom includes a large space with natural light and high ceilings. It is equipped to handle a wide range of projects for foundations, intermediate and advanced undergraduate courses. A large spray booth, lockers and flat files are available for enrolled students. Drawing BFA students have shared semi-private studios in nearby locations.
Drawing graduate students are housed at a separate facility in the historic Schreiber Gymnasium. Each graduate student has 24 hour access to well-lit semi-private studios. There are movable walls for flexibility, a complete woodshop, two small lounge areas and a computer lab.


MaryAnn Bonjorni, Professor
Beth Lo, Professor


The Drawing division offers a variety of courses for students pursuing the professional B.F.A. degree, the B.A., or a specialization in Art Education. The curriculum is broad-based, requiring Foundation level courses followed by specialized upper division course work. In addition, all courses in this area include Art History, Art Criticism, and writing as complementary research to studio work.

Upon completion of the Foundations prerequisites, undergraduate students complete  Drawing I: The Figure, focusing on anatomic studies and interpretive figurative works. 300 and 400 level Drawing courses are sequenced to include materials and processes, history and criticism, and developing individual style and content. Advanced Drawing and Independent Study courses support and complement these offerings.

  • Foundation Drawing
  • Drawing I: The Figure
  • Advanced Drawing
  • Advanced Research
  • Independent Study