Computer Labs

Computer Lab Hours (209 & 213): 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.*

*Unless a class is in session



This lab features tiered seating identical to that found in L09 and L14 but with thin client computers on the desk surfaces. It has all of the projection and audio features of our similarly sized classrooms but uses a Citrix-based server platform to deliver computer apps to the student desktops. This is a great environment for teaching software applications, and the lab can accommodate 58 students. It also features the SchoolVue application that lets your instructor display the screen of any thin client computer to the projector. This innovative software also provides the ability to lock down any number of the student machines and monitor or control their available functions, which is ideal for specific instructional needs such as testing and demonstration.

Lab in room L26


Lab in room 213

This lab is located on the second floor and is flat with fixed seating to accommodate 50 students. It also runs SchoolVue from the instructor station and is equipped with two ceiling-mounted data projectors. These project onto a Wall Talkers surface, which can be written on with dry erase markers for use as a whiteboard or to annotate over the projected computer image. The computers in this lab are fast, modern HP machines with Intel i5 processors, solid state drives and plenty of memory.


This lab is adjacent to 213 and is a general purpose lab with 43 computer stations. These computers are well suited to general purpose lab use. Participants at your event will appreciate our helpful staff who can assist with printing, sales of flash drives and other common supplies and general computer assistance both in the labs and in classrooms.


This instructional lab seats 20 students and can be configured to meet your specific needs for software. A unique feature of this room is the two-way mirror on the wall that divides this lab and classroom 205. We can configure 205 and 206 for you to conduct focus groups.  We offer full recording support so you can review the video at a later date or share with colleagues.