Rooms 106, 122, and 123

Room 123

These are the largest rooms in the Gallagher Business Building, with seating capacities of 229 in room 106 and 150 in rooms 122 and 123.  All classrooms in the Gallagher Business Building feature modern ceiling-mounted data/video projectors and fast PCs with solid state drives and plenty of memory.  Those using the classrooms also have the option to connect laptops, tablets and other smart devices. These rooms have tiered, fixed seating and provide a comfortable environment for your participants.

Room 106 also has exceptional audio capabilities. Sound quality is an often overlooked feature of many auditoriums, but a great deal of attention went into the setup in this room. It is equipped with acoustic absorption panels, ceiling- and wall-mounted speaker systems and premium audio components from brands such as Allen & Heath, Mackie, Crown and Sennheiser.

We can provide wireless lavaliere and handheld mics, audience Q&A mics on stands and conference-style table mics for panel discussions. If you plan to have media coverage for your event, we can accommodate it with a press feed wireless audio receiver for a TV crew in any of these rooms. Rooms 122 and 123 feature recently upgraded audio systems with separate JBL and Mackie speakers dedicated to the wireless mic systems. In addition, they have smaller speakers exclusively for the program audio from sources such as computer applications or portable media players.

Fixed and moveable whiteboards are available, and we still provide support for our legacy equipment, including overhead projectors and video tape players. All three rooms have plenty of space in the front landing areas for arranging chairs and tables, lecterns and podiums.

Rooms L09, L14, 119, and 201

These are the medium-sized rooms in the Gallagher Business Building. Rooms L09 and L14 seat 64 in a tiered arrangement. Rooms 119 and 201 are flat rooms with free-standing desks that can be arranged in circles for seminar-style seating or other arrangements as needed. The seating capacity in these rooms is 65. They are equipped with ceiling-mounted data/video projectors and sound systems for computer or portable device audio. These rooms feature acoustic absorption panels like our larger ones and are equipped to connect laptops or smart handheld portable devices.

Room L14

Rooms L11, L13, 225, and 226

Room 226

These classrooms were upgraded as part of a campus technology initiative. They are all flat rooms with free-standing tables. Seating capacity ranges from 30 to 49. They are unique in that the instructor stations are large podiums that can be moved where desired in the front of the rooms. This furniture houses all of the audio/video equipment and makes it very easy to connect laptops.  There are dedicated buttons on a clearly labeled control panel.  Rooms L11 and L13 have Blu-ray disc players and HDMI connections for modern laptops and portable devices. Rooms 225 and 226 have large windows with excellent views of the campus but also feature adjustable shades. In addition, high-quality Epson graphics cameras are installed for displaying printed materials from the podiums.

Rooms L04, 108, 202, 205, 222

These rooms round out our complement of classrooms.  They have ceiling-mounted data/video projectors as well as audio systems for computers and portable device sound. They also have plenty of whiteboard writing surfaces. These classrooms are flat rooms with free-standing desks and seating capacity ranges from 20 to 45.

Room 205