Conference Rooms

Videoconferencing in Room 104

Room 104

Room 104 is equipped with the very latest video conferencing technology from Polycom. We use the flagship Group Series 700 codec with two high-definition cameras. The room seats 32 and includes microphones for all participants in a conference. Whether you need to connect to colleagues on the West Coast or halfway around the world, we can make it happen. We include a technician dedicated to operating all of the equipment to help make your video conferencing a hassle-free experience.

Executive Board Room

The Executive Board Room provides a professional meeting environment complete with luxurious wood-paneled walls and conference tables surrounded by comfortable seating. The rooms is equipped with a portable A/V cart that has a large flat screen and computer with a wireless keyboard and mouse for easy control. JBL speakers provide audio support for web or computer apps. It can also be divided in half with the folding partition that runs down the middle of the room. This room is a great environment for small group activities, including web video conferencing and audio conference calls.

Executive Board Room

Other Conference Rooms

Room 352

Room 352 is a newly renovated conference room that seats 12. It is conveniently located on the third floor a short distance from the Executive Board Room. It features modern furnishings. Rooms 345-1 and 345-2 are similarly sized rooms with the same seating capacity. These rooms are close to our faculty offices on the third floor and are often used for quick meetings on short notice. Although the conference rooms do not have presentation technology built in, we can provide a portable cart with a computer and flat screen TV to any of them.