Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate

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Senate History - Chairs through the years

Kimber McKay, Public Health (2021-2022)
Chris Palmer, Chemistry (2020-2021)
Mark Pershouse, Biomedical Sciences (2019-2020)
Matt Semanoff, Modern & Classical Languages (2018-19)
MaryAnn Bowman, Social Work (2017-18)
John DeBoer, Theatre and Dance (2016-17)
Bill Borrie, Parks and Recreation Management (2015-16)
Steve Lodmell, Division of Biological Sciences (2014-15)
Liz Putnam, Biomedical & Pharmaceutical Sciences (2013-14)
Jeff Renz, Law (2012-13)
Dave Beck, Native American Studies (2011-12)
Neil Moisey, Society & Conservation (2010-11)
Nancy Hinman, Geosciences (2009-10)
Andrew Ware, Physics (2008-09)
Louis Hayes, Political Science (2007-08)
Liz Ametsbichler, German (2006-7)
Josef Crepeau, College of Technology: Applied Arts & Science (2005-6)
Celia Winkler, Sociology (2004-5)
Bill Knowles, Journalism (2003-4)
Karen Hill, College of Technology, Health Professions (2002-3)
Stan Jenne, Accounting (2001-2002)
William McBroom, Sociology (2000-01)
Ray Ford, Computer Science (1999-00)
Richard Walton, Philosophy (1998-99)
Rhea Ashmore, Curriculum & Instruction (1997-98)
Nader Shootstari, Management & Marketing (1996-97)
Randy Bolton, Drama / Dance (1995-96)
Bill Chaloupka, Political Science (1994-95)
Alan Sillars, Communication Studies (1993-94)
Ray Lanfear, Philosophy (1992-93)
Michael Vrown Accounting (1991-92)
Frank Clark, Social Work (1990-91)
Maureen Curnow, Modern & Classical Languages (1988-90)
Gerald Fetz, German (1987-88)
Tom Roy, Environmental Studies (1985-87)
David Bilderback, Division of Biological Sciences (1984-85)
Harry Fitz, History (1983-84)
Kathleen Miller (1982-83)
Jmes W. Cox (1981-82)
Burke Townsend, Philosophy(1981)
Dennis McCormick, Foreign Languages and Literature (1980-81)
Arnold Silverman (1980)
George Woodbury (1979)
Wes Shellen, Communication (1977-79)
James Walsh (1976-77)
J.H. Lowe (1975-76)
H. E. Reinhardt (1974-75)
David Alt (1972-73)
John VandeWetering, History (1971-72)
H.E. Reinhardt (1970-71)
Gordon Browder (1967-70)
Fred Hennigsen (1967-68)
Earl Lory (1966-67)
David R. Mason (1965-66
Melvin C. Wren, History (1964-65)
F.S. Honkala (1963-64)
C.R. Jeppesen (1961-63)

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Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate Period Picture

Picture taken in 1993 to represent founding faculty in 1893

Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate  dressed to represent the founding faculty  

Devon Chandler, Library, Head of Instruction Media Services
Maureen Curnow, French
Audrey Peterson, Curriculum & Instruction
Frank Clark, Social Work
Jerry Fetz, German
Richard Fevold, Chemistry