2022-2023 Faculty Senators

Senator Department Term Voting Group
Barile, Jen Social Work 2025 Health
Barnes, Graham Health Professions 2025 Missoula College
Beck, Dave Natiive American Studies 2025 Humanities
Belcourt, Annie Pharmacy 2024 Health 
Bell, Jennifer Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Science 2021/24 Health
Berich, Lara Theatre & Dance 2023 CAM
Berryman, Orion Chemistry   2021/24 Science
Blunt, Judy. English 2023 Humanities
Bosak, Keith Society & Conservation 2025 Forestry
Brown, Jacqueline Psychology 2023 Social Science
Cassens, Michael Visual & Media Arts 2022/25 CAM
Chatterjee, Abhishek Political Science (course conflict-fall) 2024 Social Science
Chesebro, Eric Mathematical Science 2025 Science
Clouse, Shawn Information Systems & Technology 2020/23 Business
Crummy, Ione World Languages & Culture 2023 Humanities
Dalenberg, Doug Economics 2020/23 Social Science
Draper, Brooklyn Theatre & Dance 2025 CAM
Dreitz, Victoria Ecosystem and Conservation 2024 Forestry
Duce, Trish Commputer Science 2025 Science
Duwell, Armond Philosoophy 2024 Humanities
Emidy, Blake Public Administration & Policy 2022/25 Law
Fanning, Ray Journalism 2024 CAM
Fern, Lauren Appplied Arts and Science 2025 MC
Fishman, Lila Division of Biological Science 2024 Science
Floyd, Theresa Management & Marketing 2024 Business
Freer, John Industrical Technology 2021/24 Missoula College
Geiger, Katie Health Professionals 2024 Missoula College
Grimes, Mark Division of Biological Science 2023 Science
Hendrix, Marc Geosciences 2023 Science
Horejsi, Martin Teaching & Learning 2023 Education
Kins, Loree Heaalth Professions 2025 MC
Kirgis, Paul Law 2025 Law
LaPier, Rosalyn Environmental Studies  2024 Social Science
Meloy, Leah SLHHOS 2025 Health
Moody, Valerie Integrated Physiology & Athletic Training 2024 Health 
Musick, Michael Media Arts 2020/23 CAM
Palmer, Chris Chemistry 2022/25 Science
Palmer, Chuck Integrated Physiology & Athletic Training 2020/23 Health
Pershouse, Mark Biomedical & Pharmaceutical Sciences  2020/23 Health
Ravas, Tammy Mansfield Library 2022/25 Mansfield Library
Schertz, Matthew Teaching & Learning 2023 Education
Severson, Rachel Psychology 2020/23 Social Science
Six, Diana Forest Management 2024 Forestry
Swibold, Dennis Journalism 2023 CAM
Tama-Sweet, Isho Accounting & Finance 2023 Business
Vonessen, Nikoluas Mathematical Science 2022/25 Science
Ware, Andrew  Physics & Astronomy 2025 Science
Whitcher, Lucas Applied Arts & Sciences 2023 Missoula College
Wiltse, Jeff History 2023 Humanities
Yoshimura, Christina Communication Studies 2023 Social Science