Who We Are

The Family Medicine Residency of Western Montana is a 3-year Family Medicine program accredited by the ACGME, sponsored by The University of Montana, and affiliated with the University of Washington Family Medicine Residency Network.

FMRWM is the only Family Medicine residency program in Western Montana. The core program is based in Missoula where all residents complete their first year of training. Three residents from each class of ten are matched with the Kalispell track, where they complete their second and third years.

Our program matriculated its first class in 2013. With the investment of a dedicated faculty, excellent resident classes from all over the U.S., and a skilled support staff, we have developed a program that is increasingly recognized for its quality and innovation.

Our success is based in a focus on our Mission and on a culture of collegiality between residents and faculty, open communication, and empowerment of everyone involved to actively contribute and make FMRWM the best possible place to become a Family Medicine physician.

Our Mission

The Family Medicine Residency of Western Montana program exists to provide superior, comprehensive education in Family Medicine. We are committed to developing family physicians who are compassionate, clinically competent, and motivated to serve patients and communities in the rural and underserved areas of Montana.

Message from the Director and DIO

WELCOME to the Family Medicine Residency of Western Montana!

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and learn about FMRWM. We matriculated our first class of residents in 2013 and since that time we have continued to grow and thrive.  We are an innovative program with a unique culture, located in a vibrant mountain setting that offers excellence in both medicine and quality of life.

Our primary purpose is to create compassionate, capable family physicians to serve and lead in our rural communities and care for underserved Montanans. At the same time, we believe that residency is also a place to nurture life skills and foster the development of healthy physicians.

We have assembled the resources of The University of Montana, two community health centers, three primary hospitals, 16+ rural communities, a core faculty with diverse experience and expertise, and more than 300 regional physicians to create a unique program that provides excellent training in all aspects of Family Medicine.

We are especially interested in residents who wish to do more than simply plug into their residency. Our program has benefited from residents who actively contribute to the quality of FMRWM and we continue to seek individuals who are thoughtful, independent, and interested in leaving their mark on Family Medicine education in Western Montana.

Rob Stenger, MD, MPH
Program Director

Reed Humphrey, PhD
FMRWM Designated Institutional Official
Dean, College of Health
The University of Montana