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Personal Summary

I am interested in studying the history of race and religion in the United States ad throughout the world. To that end I have studied how interactions between white and African-American Mennonites in homes and sanctuaries brought about changes as significant as those initiated in the streets by the formal civil rights movement. My most recent book focuses on Fresh Air rural hosting programs in which white rural families hosted African-American and Latino children from urban environments and on the role of prayer during the civil rights movement. In the first project, I trace how the host families' perceptions of the children changed during the course of the twentieth century as a means to explain the persistence of racism in the U.S. In the second, I examine prayer as a potent resource activists used to initiate crisis. I have also written extensively on issues of white privilege, religious identity, and nonviolence.

I advise graduate students studying twentieth century U.S. history in the broad arenas of race and religion. I have advised and do research in African-American studies, religious history, childhood history, whiteness studies, the civil rights movement, interracial congregations, and Mennonite/Anabaptist history. I am accepting both MA and PhD students in the next admissions cycle. Please feel free to contact me by email if you are interested in working with me as a graduate student.


I hold a dual PhD in History and Religious Studies from Northwestern University (2008).

Courses Taught

AAST/HSTA 141 Black: From Africa to Hip-hop and Beyond
AAST/HSTA 343 African-American History Since 1865
AAST/HSTA 345 The Black Radical Tradition
AAST/HSTA 374 Voodoo, Muslim, Church: Black Religion

AAST 391 White Supremacy: History/Defeat
AAS/HSTA 417 Prayer and Civil Rights
AAS/HSTA 562 Problems in African-American History

HSTR 221 God: Past, Puzzle, Present

HSTA 502 Readings in Modern American History

HSTA 595 U.S. Religious History

Teaching Experience

2019-present, Professor, History/African-American Studies, University of Montana

2013-2018, Associate Professor, History/African-American Studies, University of Montana

2008-2013, Assistant Professor, History/African-American Studies, University of Montana

2006, Instructor, Northwestern University, “Racing Through the Movies: Race in Twentieth-Century Film.”  Freshman writing seminar.
2005, Teaching Assistant, Northwestern University, Introduction to the New Testament.
2005, Teaching Assistant, Northwestern University, Introduction to Christianity.
2004, Teaching Assistant, Northwestern University, Religion in the Human Experience.
2004, Teaching Assistant, Northwestern University, Religion in the Human Experience.
2004, Teaching Assistant, Northwestern University, Introduction to the New Testament.
1993-2001, Mennonite Central Committee U.S. Racism Awareness Program Director, Akron, Pa. Co-founded and led Damascus Road, a national anti-racism training program active among forty-five colleges, mission agencies, congregations, and church-wide conference bodies. Led more than 400 presentations in twenty-five states including sixty-three workshops of a day or more in length and hundreds of lectures, half-day workshops and classroom presentations.

Research Interests

I have concluded a research project on Fresh Air rural hosting programs in which white rural families hosted African-American children from the inner city. I traced how the host families' perceptions of the children changed during the course of the twentieth century as a means to explain the persistence of racism in the U.S.

I am now finished with Religious Resources and Social Protest Movements, in which I explore the complex and often violence-inducing dynamics of bringing prayer, song, liturgy, and religious vestments into the midst of social protest. I examine the following eight movements: U.S. abolitionism, Indian independence, U.S. civil rights, Brazilian base ecclesial communities, Polish solidarity, South African anti-apartheid, and South Dakotan Water protectors.

I am currently engaged in writing a biography of African-American history and Black freedom struggle activist, Vincent Harding.


To see my thoughts on the future of African-American Studies at the University of Montana, go to this clip from a talk at the Black Studies reunion.

I am featured in a series on banned books. To see why I love and criticize To Kill A Mocking Bird, watch my comments on this Mansfield Libary banned books video.

Field of Study

African-American History; Race; Religious History; Children's History; Anabaptist History; Civil Rights movement History; social movement history;

Selected Publications


Two Weeks Every Summer: Fresh Air Children and the Problem of Race in America (Cornell University Press, 2017).

Daily Demonstrators: The Civil Rights Movement in Mennonite Homes and Sanctuaries (Johns Hopkins Press, 2010).

Set Free: A Journey Toward Solidarity Against Racism (Herald Press, 2001) (co-authored with Iris de León-Hartshorn and Regina Shands Stoltzfus).

Enter the River: Healing Steps from White Privilege to Racial Reconciliation (Herald Press, 1994).


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I hold membership with the American Academy of Religion.

Specialized Skills

I have twenty years experience as an anti-racism consultant and workshop facilitator.

Professional Experience

I am the co-founder and former core trainer of the Damascus Road anti-racism process, a constultation and training program that trains faith-based colleges, universities, mission agencies, and denominational offices for anti-racist action. I am the founder and former executive director of Widerstand Consulting.

I also served as program coordinator of Mennonite Central Committee's service program in New Orleans, Louisiana, for six years.

Honors / Awards

2017, Mortarboard Society, Last Lecturer, University of Montana

2017, Best UM Professor, Missoula Independent

2017, University of Montana Nancy Bormann Diversity Award

2016, Distinguished Teaching Award, University of Montana

2013, Helen and Winston Cox Educational Excellence Award, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Montana, awarded annually to UM faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences who are not yet tenured based on superior contributions to the education of UM students; in particular, awardees show superior teaching, advising and mentoring of students.

2012, Paul Lauren Undergraduate Research Faculty Mentor Award, Davidson Honors College, University of Montana



I enjoy running, hiking, working out at a local MontanaFit gym, and reading science fiction.

I also make a mean peanut butter pie.