About the UM Housing Office


Mission Statement

UM Housing provides safe, clean, healthy, and affordable living and learning facilities that foster an inclusive community living environment for students, staff, faculty, and guests. Services provided in these facilities support and nurture educational experiences and personal development at the University of Montana.

UM Housing Core Values

  • Safety ... We cultivate a shared responsibility with residents, employees, and guests to actively promote safety and well-being within our community.
  • Fiscal Responsibility ... We budget proactively to ensure the continuation and growth of quality housing programs and services.
  • Inclusive ... We create positive, inclusive, and respectful living and learning communities that nurture a diverse campus.
  • Compassionate ... We foster a community atmosphere of understanding and kindness while providing personal growth opportunities and accountability.
  • Innovative ... We engage in proactive and sustainable practices in our programs, services, and decision making to provide the highest quality experiences for the University of Montana.
  • Collaborative ... We partner with the campus and Missoula community to deliver quality programs and services for our residents.