Human Dimensions of Natural Resources and the Environment

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Survey Finds Growing Tolerance Among Montanans for Wolves

A new survey from Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks and the University of Montana finds growing public tolerance for wolves. 

Survey resources available here

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Montanans Share Common Love Toward Grizzly Bears

For an animal whose population barely tops 2,000, Montana’s grizzly bears hold an outsized presence in the psyche and politics of the Treasure State.

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UM Research Examines Ways to Make Climate Data More Useful for Farmers and Ranchers

In a recent paper led by doctoral candidate Ada Smith, a team of UM researchers examine the best ways scientists can share climate data with agricultural producers to aid them in decision-making.

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UM Research Suggests Social Factors Important for Human-Wildlife Coexistence

The Lab recently published a new study in the Journal of Wildlife Management analyzing why landowners do or don’t secure attractants in bear country. The results suggest that collective or socially motivated factors may be a missing and important piece of the puzzle for encouraging voluntary steps to secure attractants and improve wildlife-human coexistence.