Welcome New Employees

Welcome to the dynamic, energetic and diverse campus of University of Montana! As a new employee, you are joining a network of 2,500 faculty and staff members who all, in their varied capacities, support UM’s mission of providing unique educational and research experiences. Whether you’ve just started your career, are new to academia or are a seasoned professional, we hope you will thrive in your new community.

As one of the leading research and teaching institutions in the world today, UM provides a wide range of services, programs and opportunities. We encourage and invite you to join our community, take pride in your new and vibrant campus and reap the benefits of working in a rich and diverse environment.

On this page, you will find resources to help smooth your transition to the University of Montana. Take advantage of the University’s facilities, benefits and resources. Participate in a training workshop. Attend a concert at the George and Jane Dennison Theatre. Cheer on your team at the Adams Center (Go Griz!). Or browse the racks at the Mansfield Library. Make this campus your campus.

To review your benefits options, see when you get paid, get a Griz Card, get set up with IT, and register for New Employee Welcome, use the links in the left navigation panel.

Human Resource Services Office




University Staff Ambassadors

Know your place. Know your people. Know your past.

Staff Senate

Facilitating communication and cooperation between administrators and the non-academic staff of UM. 

UM Calendar

All the campus events in one simple calendar, complete with descriptions dates and times.