2008 Presentations

The "Quick Cruise" Option for the Idaho Department of Lands
Steve Fairweather, Principal/Biometrician
Mason, Bruce, & Girard, Porland, OR

10m Site: A Standardized Method of Estimating Site-Specific Potential Height-Growth Curves
Kelsey Milner, Forest Biometrics Research Institute

Lower Middle Regeneration Experiment: Design and First Look
Fred Martin, Forest Biometrician
Washington State Dept. Natural Resources

Lidar for Operational Forest Inventory: Thinking Ahead and Moving Beyond the Project Level
Andrew Hudak, Research Forester
USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Station, Moscow, ID

Using Laser Altimetry-Based Segmentation to Refine Automated Tree Identification and Attribution: Utilities to Augment Forest Inventory
Eric Rowell, Analyst (Remote Sensing)
National Center for Landscape Fire Analysis, University of Montana, Missoula, MT

Use of LiDAR and Multispectral Data in Feature Extraction in the Wildland Urban Interface
Derek McNamara, GIS Analyst
Coeur d'Alene Tribe

Towards a Climate Sensitive version of the Forest Vegetation Simulator
Nick Crookston, Operations Research Analyst
USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Station, Moscow, ID

Height increment: a new path for competitive effects in FVS
Christian Salas, PhD Student, Yale University, and
Al Stage, USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Station (Retired)