2016 Presentations

The 2016 Technical Meeting was held April 19th, in Coeur D'Alene, ID.  Individual presentations are no longer posted online but can be obtained by contacting David Affleck.

Peter Gould, Washington State Dept of Natural Resources, Olympia
Remote-Sensing Forest Inventory at Washington DNR 

John Hogland, USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station, Missoula
Quantifying fine grained forest characteristics across broad extents using NAIP imagery and spatially located field plots 

David Affleck, University of Montana, Dept Forest Management, Missoula
Component Biomass Equations for the Principal Conifer Species of the Inland Northwest

David Walker, Virginia Tech & State University
Legacy Biomass, Stem-Taper, and Wood Physical Properties: LegacyTreeData 

Jarred Saralecos, University of Montana (Forest Biometrics)
Characterizing trends in forest site productivity and stocking potential using high-resolution climate products  

Zachary Holden, USDA Forest Service, Northern Region & Univ. Montana, Dept. Geography
Progress modeling topographic variation in temperature and moisture for inland Northwest forest management 

George Gaines, University of Montana (Forest Biometrics)
Unmanned Aerial Systems: Forestry Applications Past, Present and Future 

Michael Schaedel, University of Montana (Forest Ecology)
Western Larch Spacing study: 54-year results of the effects of thinning regime on stand volume, tree growth characteristics, and forest carbon storage 

Colin Kirkmire, University of Montana (Forest Biometrics)
Sapling height growth following partial overstory removal: INGY's Small Tree Competing Vegetation study