Ridge Research Scholars

Ridge Scholars 2022

  • headshot of Rosemary Jeter

    Rosemary Jeter

    Rosemary Jeter is a second-year M.A. student in Communication Studies at the University of Montana. She grew up just south of Baltimore, Maryland along the Chesapeake Bay and completed her B.A. in Psychology at Salisbury University. Her research interests include how gender and stigma influence the ways in which individuals communicate with each other about their experiences with eating disorders. In her free time, Rosemary likes to forage in the woods surrounding Missoula. Rosemary writes, "Using the Communication Theory of Identity as a lens, my project will explore how individuals incorporate being in recovery from an eating disorder into the various facets of their identity. This project will further explore how their recovery impacts the ways they communicate illness identity through food and will consider the influence of various personal and relational factors."

  • headshot Christina Leas

    Christina Leas

    Christina is pursuing a master’s degree in geography, a field she was drawn to for its concern with human-environment relationships. Before moving to Montana, she worked as a farmer in Virginia and Colorado, and also served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Nepal for 3 years. Christina writes, "Seeds are often an overlooked but essential part of local and sustainable agriculture. My thesis explores how seed saving networks in Western Montana contribute to the resiliency of the region’s food system.  I am trying to know seed savers and seeds through in-depth interviews and participant observation, and apply theories in the humanities and social sciences to understand their interactions and impacts."

  • headshot Lillian Martz

    Lillian Martz

    Lillian Martz is a second year doctoral student in Counselor Education & Supervision who spent the last decade working in higher education and as a high school counselor. She is passionate about equity and social justice, crisis counseling and the proper training of school counselors to handle students in crisis particularly suicidal students. Lillian writes, "The purpose of this research study is to contribute positively to the literature and research related to the growing epidemic of suicidality among adolescents. The researchers are interested in applying the Interpersonal Theory of Suicide to the adolescent population. We hope to establish this connection so that we can examine ways and provide guidance to stakeholder to shape programming around increasing feelings of belonging in adolescents and reduce feelings of burdensomeness to combat suicidality." 

  • headshot Hana Meshesha

    Hana Meshesha

    Hana Meshesha is a doctoral candidate in Counselor Education and Supervision at the University of Montana. She has a master’s degree in Counselor Education, University of Montana, and Special Needs Education, Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia. Hana has interest to work with trauma, forgiveness, grief, and addiction related issues. She also has a strong interest and commitment to work on disability advocacy. Hana writes, "Sexual trauma is a significant public health issue across the globe. Research is mixed regarding how survivors of sexual trauma process their experiences and move towards healing, particularly survivors from marginalized populations. This qualitative study aims to learn the healing experience of sexual trauma survivors. Implications for counseling and counselor education will be discussed."

    Disability During a Pandemic: Student Reflections on Risk, Inequity, and Opportunity

    A Systematic Review of Culturally Responsive Approaches to Child and Adolescent Mental Health Care in Ethiopia

2021 Ridge Scholars

  • Tre Blohm, Paleoepidemiology of Neolithic Europe: Assessing the Biocultural Condition of Populations across Europe and the Rise of Pathogens
  • Gabriella Graceffo, Under the Skin
  • Emily Hicks, The Relationship Between Physical Activity, Nature, and Cognitive Function in Native Students
  • Lila Osborn, Food Insecurity in Butte, Montana

2019 Ridge Scholars

  • Pheobe Bean, Uncovering the Neuropsychological Experience of Injured Veterans Through Photography Essays
  • Reece Brandon, Mind Over Body: An Integrative Look at Nervous System Injuries
  • Callie Caughie, The Experience of Age: A Multimodal Approach to Understanding the Psychosocial Influences on Aging
  • Danielle Cooney, Parental Decision-Making: Navigating the Medical Ethics of Neonatal Intervention in the 21st Century
  • Erica Johnson, A Needs Assessment of Patrons Experiencing Homelessness at the Missoula Public Library
  • Sabrina Singh, Belonging Among Dementia Caregivers

2015/2016 Ridge Scholars

  • Sarah Aronson, The Glacier Behind the Town: A Story of Unrequited Love and Loss
  • Jolene Brink, Ecological Atmospheres: The Accumulating Body 
  • Brook Clark, Diagnosis Threat in Survivors of Cancer: The Effects of the Chemo-brain Schema on Self-Reports of Cognitive Functioning.
  • Jeff Galius, Fatherland: Silence, Postmemory, and the Multigenerational Trauma of War
  • Tressa Jones, cold laps
  • Patrick O’Conner, The Health of the Nation: Tobacco and Public Power in the United States, 1865-1933
  • Spencer Ruchti, Slam Poetry: An Online Intervention for Treating Depression
  • Cassidy Schoenfeld, Violet: The Greatest of Danes, Doing the Greatest of Things
  • Evan Stewart, Assessing Sanitary Practice and Health Knowledge in Humli Schools.
  • Ryan Thiel, Brand Name vs. Generic Drugs: An Exploration of Narratives Within Drug Advertising and its Perceived Impact on College Students
  • Alana Trumpy, Comforter